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    For icons files starting with "gnome-":

      copy_gnome_icons *.png

    For icons files starting with "gnome-mime-":

      copy_gnome_icons --strip gnome-mime- *.png

    This script is designed to convert a collection of GNOME MIME type icons
    to the Bricoalge root and to the naming convention used by Bricolage.
    The icons will then be used by the Bricolage UI, assuming that the
    "USE_THUMBNAILS" bricolage.conf directive has been enabled.

    Be sure to set the $BRICOLAGE_ROOT environment variable if it is
    anything other than /usr/local/bricolage. The icons will bee installed
    into the comp/media/mime directory under the Bricolage root.

    The icons are named exactly as the corresponding MIME types are named,
    with the resulting PNG files installed in appropriate subdirectories.
    For example, an icon named "gnome-text-html.png" will be copied to

    This script was developed using the GNOME MIME type icons downloaded
    from <>.
    (linked to from <>), but
    appears as though it would work with the files in a mimetypes
    subdirectory of most PNG icon distributions downloadable from
    <> (the "NoiaWarm" theme's 48
    x 48 MIME type icons look pretty nice with the Bricolage UI color
    scheme). Updates happily accepted.

    GNOME MIME type icon files typically start with a string that preceeds
    the MIME type they're named for. Use the "--strip" option to specify
    what that string is that needs to be stripped from the file name. The
    remainder of the file name is assumed to be the full MIME type name,
    with a dash in place of the usual slash. So the GNOME MIME type icon
    file name for "application/msword" might be gnome-application-msword.png
    or gnome-mime-application-msword.png or something similar. In the former
    example, the default value for "--strip", "gnome-", can be used to strip
    off the "gnome-" and leave "appplication-msword.png". In the latter
    example specify "gnome-mime-" for the "--strip" option. Note that the
    "--strip" option can be a regular expression.

        The Ximian GNOME Icons page.

        The canonical MIME type icons for GNOME.

        GNOME icon themes page, where several different collections of icon
        themes (some of which include the required MIME type icons) can be

    David Wheeler <>

    Copyright (c) 2004 Kineticode, Inc. See Bric::License for complete
    license terms and conditions. GNOME icons files are distributed
    separately and under their own licenses.

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