Basic Terminology

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E-mail sent by Bricolage to notify Approvers and Maintainers of Content moving among Desks or going to the Web Server.


A user with permission to edit all Content on a subsite and Publish Changes.


Information for the web. Content in Bricolage is divided into two main categories, Media and Stories.

Content Management System

An application that allows the editing and updating of Content for the web, with tools that make it easier to keep track of and work with that Content.


An Element is a container for all the information at a specific part of a Story. Elements can be as simple as a pull down menu with two choices, or a text field to type into. Elements can be as complex a WYSIWYG editor with multiple embedded links. Elements can be added to a Story and edited in the Story Profile and Element Profile. Some Elements can only be added in certain areas, while others can be added in many places.


A user with permission to edit all stories on a subsite. Does NOT have permission to Publish to the Web Server.


Images, PDF files, Microsoft Word Documents, Flash files, software, Quicktime movies, etc.


See what Content looks like before Publishing to the Web Server. Available by clicking on the Title in Find Story/Media, Desk, and Workspace Views or the URI Link in Profile view.


Move Content from the CMS to the Web Server.


Written Content is entered via Elements. Stories are often the basis for HTML pages that are browsed on the web.

— Matt Rolf

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