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Benefits of Bricolage

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Ease of Use

Unlike most commercial content management systems, Bricolage’s browser-based interface provides a familiar, easy-to-use environment for all of your administration and content creation needs. Editors don’t need to know HTML or XML to edit documents, and can publish them to your site with a single click. For organizations that require editors to manage content with embedded HTML, the supported HTMLArea editor allows for WYSIWYG text editing.


Bricolage’s complete separation of content from presentation not only gives you the flexibility to output content the way you need it today, but also to adapt the presentation to meet the needs of tomorrow’s new technologies. This flexibility is enhanced by the power of Perl-based templating systems, which allow you to output your content to any format.


Bricolage was built from the ground up to be fully configurable to meet the needs of a variety of organizations. Whether you need your documents to adhere to a particular structure, your workflows to define very specific areas of responsibility, or your to be notified when a document is checked in by an editor, Bricolage can be shaped to fit your processes.


As a back-office workflow and publishing system independent of your front-end Web and Application servers, Bricolage frees you to use whatever technologies you need to serve content to your audience. This has the double benefit of eliminating the API and database overhead of serving content while allowing your front-end to scale as server loads demand. Furthermore, as you site grows and the number of documents your organization manages swells, Bricolage provides the architectural foundation to keep the pace and manage the growth.


Bricolage uses Secure Sockets Layer encryption to ensure that your intellectual property remains protected, whether your users are editing content across the hall or across the globe. In addition, the user group and responsibility-based permissions system ensure that only the right people can access the right content in the right place. And finally, as a system independent of your front-end delivery servers, your content will remain safe, even if your public servers were to be compromised.

Return on Investment

Thanks to its open-source licensing and ability to scale to meet the ever-increasing needs of the most demanding of content-heavy organizations, Bricolage provides a tremendous return on investment. Just think, you no longer have to look to invest in a new system every time you want to redesign your site! And because Bricolage is open-source software that runs on the Apache open-source web server and the PostgreSQL open-source RDBMS, licensing fees are never even a question!

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