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Bricolage 2.0

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“The only web publishing system that doesn’t think it’s smarter than you are.”

Bricolage 2.0 was released in April 2010. It’s faster, smarter, and easier to use than ever. See the following pages for more information about the release:

Bricolage 2.0 Press Kit
Bricolage 2.0 Changes

About Bricolage

You can download Bricolage, try a demo, read about the latest updates, see a showcase of Bricolage based websites at the official Bricolage CMS website:

Bricolage CMS — Official Website

Although quite old by web standards, the following articles are still relevant, and they provide some good background information about Bricolage. Discover the power of Bricolage, and determine if it is right for you:

Content Management with Bricolage

Done right, you get the Holy Grail of one canonical document and unlimited representations of that document.

by David Wheeler August 27, 2004

Document Modeling with Bricolage

Bricolage encourages a highly structured model for your documents

by David Wheeler November 23, 2005

Ten things to love (or hate) about Bricolage

a tireless workhorse — a system that just keeps giving and giving

by Phillip A. Smith on July 6, 2009

Ten things to love (or hate) about Bricolage. Part II.

The core of Bricolage’s ewwy-chewy-goodness … is its flexible approach to describing assets and creating interfaces

by Phillip A. Smith on July 15, 2009

Installing Bricolage

How to get Bricolage

Installing Bricolage
by David Wheeler on October 28, 2004

Bricolage 2.0 On Ubuntu Lucid Server Installation Notes
by Cameron Miller, July 7, 2010

Installing Bricolage 2 on Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard”
by Phillip Smith on July 2, 2010

HOWTO: How to run Bricolage on a Virtual Host and on Non Standard Ports

HOWTO: Running Bricolage on the Same Machine as the Front End Server


Bricolage API Browser

Database ERD (2.0.1)

Recommended Reading

Bricolage Element Administration Guide

Producing Templates on the Bricolage System

Template Producing: Advanced Topics

How To & Tutorials

An Introduction to Bricolage Templates
This document introduces Bricolage templates, and shows how they can be used to simplify designs and reduce code repetition. If you’ve read Bric::Templates or Bric::AdvTemplates and not quite grasped it, then this document may help.

HOWTO: How to Use Bricolage Workflows

HOWTO: How to Include Images in Your Stories

HOWTO: How to Create a Simple Nested List

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