Bricolage CMS hack day, Nov 7th, 2011

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The Toronto Bricolage club will be meeting on Monday Nov 7, 2011, 10am-4pm ET (UTC-4) for the sixth (in an ongoing series) of Bricolage hack days. Add your own ideas or things you will be working on that day!

Join us on IRC! That's channel #bricolage on

Put your ideas / ticket here:

  • Bugs
  • Bug #240 Return button does not work in modern browsers (IE9, FF4+)
  • New features
  • REPL interface for testing and quick scripting
  • UI / CSS revamp
  • Implement a "Select All" (maybe "Select All Results) for most list-type screens.
  • Assets on desks should have check-boxes: At the top/bottom of the screen, there should be an 'Actions' menu, which would include: Check-in, Check-out, Move, Delete, and Publish.
  • Hook Alerts up to Notifier JS
  • Marketing
    • Publish a newsletter
  • Docs
    • Developing a "Quick start" guide for new users
    • The ever-present need for better documentation
  • And for the writer / creative types out there we're going to be talking about some recent digital projects that were at least partly managed by the Bricolage CMS.
  • Putting the document model stuff back on the web site
  • Mason 2 / PSGI port

More here please!