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Available by clicking on a Desk in a Workflow that has Content on it.

Check In/Check Out

Link to Check In or Check Out a piece of Content. Will be replaced with a name if another user has Content Checked Out.


Check box used to delete the Content. Used in conjunction with the Delete Checked Button at the bottom of the screen. Only available on non-Publish desks.


Will read View if Content is checked out by another user or if Content is checked in to the Desk. Will read Edit if Content is Checked Out by the viewer. Clicking View will allow user to see last version of the Content. Clicking Edit will allow editing in the Story Profile.


Drop down menu on right side of screen used to select Desk to move Story/Media to. Used in conjunction with Move Assets button at bottom of screen.


View or add notes about the current Version of the Content. CAUTION – Adding Notes is only possible if you have Content Checked Out.


Check box visible on right side of screen on Desks where Publishing is possible. Used in conjunction with the Publish Assets button at bottom of page. The user will be asked to confirm before the operation will be completed.


Log of Content movements among Desks.


A log of all Content activity including Saves, Versions, Check Ins, and Publishes. Useful to see who/what went wrong for a bad piece of Content.

Select All

Button at the bottom of the screen that checks all Delete or Publish checkboxes.

— Matt Rolf