Front end options

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Front End Options

Just notes on regularly referred to options for achieving functionality on the front-end / content delivery server…


Good mailing list thread on search:

A summary of the options:

Comment options

Front-end comment options (Free or F/OSS)

Simple Comments

Other options are being discussed in details here:

Front-end comment options (Not free / Commercial / Hosted)

Pluck’s Sitelife product

Bricolage-powered comments

Note: This concept was confirmed as production-ready by SimonWilcox in this mailing list post, and is in use on

Here’s the general idea:

  • Comment is submitted
    • Comment form posts to form-handling script
    • Usual validation / error-checking
    • Successful post is written to a file (.csv or .xml or .txt) with a timestamped filename to prevent naming conflicts
    • Files are either
      • Transfered via a regular cron job from the front-end server to the Bricolage server
      • Or, if the bric_soap binary is available on the front-end server, left on the front-end server for importing from there
    • Wherever the files are, they are expanded into Bricolage-friendly XML documents and imported via ‘bric_soap story create’ into Bricolage
  • The comment is now a “Comment” story in the “Comments” workflow in Bricolage
  • The comment story enters the first desk of the comment workflow: Review
  • The comment story triggers an alert to the comment reviewer(s)
  • If the comment reviewers determine the comment is fine
    • The comment is published
    • The comment template triggers a publish another on the story that has the comment
    • The story template displays the associated comment stories
  • If the comment reviewers determine the comment is not okay
    • The comment story is simply deleted or shelved


  • Should contributor records by created for each commenter?
  • What happens if every story has ~20-50 associated comment stories?

— Bric.PhillipSmith – 28 Oct 2007

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