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The area of the Workflow with links to create a New Story or Media, or Find Stories or Media. Aliases and Active Stories are two links which are not used much.

Advanced Search

Link in Find Stories/Media view that can be used to refine search terms. A popular refinement is to add the department or office category in the URI field.

Active Stories

Link in Workflow which shows all Content in the Workflow, who has the Content Checked Out, Version, Desk, Priority, Title, and View/Edit links.

Check In

Creates a new Version of the Content, and lets others check it out. Can also be used to move Content to a new Desk, the Shelf, or to Publish the Content.

Check Out

Retrieve a Story/Page or Media file from the Shelf or a Desk and places it in your Workspace on the appropriate desk. Checking Out Content means that user is the only person who can edit it. Content can be Checked Out from Desks and the Shelf.

Content Editing Hierarchy

The interface for Checked Out Content. From top to bottom, the hierarchy consists of:

      Story/Media Profile
         Element Profile
            Element Profile  . . . et cetera
The interface can continue down as far as the elements go.


Responsibilities and publishing permissions are divided among Desks in a Workflow. For example: Editing, Community Collaboration, and Approval are all common tasks that have Desks in Freestyle.

Element Profile

The lowest level of the Content Editing Hierarchy, an Element Profile is the interface for editing an individual Element in a Story.

Find Story/Media

Locate a Story or Media file that is on the shelf or in a Workflow.


Button that can provide useful information about Bricolage. Located in top right. CAUTION – Contains no information on custom Elements.


Button that will end Bricolage session. Located in top right.

New Alias

Links content to more than one site.

New Story/Media

Create a new Story or upload a new Media file to Bricolage.


The repository that contains all prior and current versions of the Content in Bricolage. Accessed via the Find Stories/Media Search link in the Workflows. When a document is Published to the Web Server, a copy is sent to the Shelf for future retrieval.

Story/Media Profile

The top level of a Story or Media entity. From here it is possible to add the main Elements of a Story, or to Upload or Delete a Media file. At this level you can also Publish, Check-In, Reorder, Cancel Check-Out, Revert or Diff Versions, and change information such as Cover and Expire Dates, slugs, Titles, and Priority.


A save point in the life of Content created by Checking In. Versions can be compared to each other or rolled back.


Workflows organize the Content creation and editing process among a series of Desks. Every Workflow has one start Desk where all Content enters the Workflow. A Workflow also has one or more Publish Desks, from where Content can be sent to the Web Server. Content can be moved back and forth between Desks, the Shelf, and the Web Server. Workflows have two sections – Actions and Desks. Workflows are the gray drop down boxes on the left side of the screen.


The place where the user sees all her Checked Out Content. Represents the top level of the Content Editing Hierarchy. Can be viewed by clicking on “My Workspace” in the upper left corner. Possible to enter the Story and Media Profile using the Edit link for each piece of Content.

— Matt Rolf

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