Permissions 101

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First things first

Read the page several times.

The basics

(limiting user permissions to a specific type of element, or a specific category, or both)

I find it helps to create a target users type — e.g., a Blogger — that and to log-in as that user in another browser, while you’re setting up permissions.

  • Create a Category group for the category the user can work in
    • Adjust the permissions for the category group to allow Read permissions for the user group
  • Create an Element Type group for the element type(s) the user will have access to
    • Add the elements that will form the group
    • Adjust the permissions for the element type group to Read permissions for the user group
  • Create a User group for the user(s)
  • Now add permissions for the User group
    • To the relevant Object Goups:
    • Read on sites
    • Read on sources
    • Read on the Category group you created
    • Read on the Element group you created
    • Appropriate permissions to Workflows (if necessary)
    • Appropriate permissions to Desks (if necessary)