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All content in Bricolage is some sort of Story, and they are roughly analogous to pages.

That’s an over simplification.

But a useful one when you are just starting out with Bricolage. The basic concept is you create a new Story with the Bricolage Interface, you Publish the Story, and Bricolage creates an html file out of it.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an html file; you could output PHP, JSP, RSS, Javascript, Text, PDF or all of the above. You control these things with Templates and Output Channels.

Important Points

  • Every file output by Bricolage comes from a Story or is a Media File.
  • There can be many different Story Types, each with it’s own Template.
  • Not all Story Types have to have end up as pages on your web server.
    • If the Template doesn’t generate output, Bricolage will not create the file (Blank Templates work great)
    • Pages can be made up of multiple Stories
      • The Template can do some magic to include all or part of other Stories. See “Bric::Biz::Asset::Business::Story→list”:
      • There still has to be a ‘parent’ Story for the Template to run on.

— Originally written by Jason Brackins