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Story/Media Properties and Information

Some are set when creating a Story/Media item, and all are viewed in the Information box at the Story/Media Profile level.

Cover Date

By default, set to the date of Content creation. Can be set to a future date if the Content will not be published to the web before that time. When a document is Published, it will only go to the web if the Cover Date is the present time or a time in the past.

Expire Date

To remove Content from the Web Server, set the Expire Date to a time in the past and publish the Content.

Primary Category

The location of the Content on the Web Server. Another word for Category is directory. Content can be associated with more than one Category, but only one can be chosen at creation time.

Media Type

A flag that can determine how media is used in Bricolage. Photographs, Illustrations, PDF, DOC and other files are designated as such.


A flag for users to mark their Content as a low, medium or high priority. Used by humans only, not recognized for Bricolage processes such as publishing.


Newspaper printer terminology meaning “a type line serving to instruct or identify.” Bricolage uses the slug as a kind of short name that makes the URL unique, e.g. /news/2004/10/23/foobar/. The slug can be automatically generated from the Title at Content creation time. May need to be hand edited if the user wants to radically change the subject matter of a Story or create an index page. For the latter, the slug should be set to “index”.


Can denote the Office or department that created the Content. Can also determines who will receive Alert e-mails if Alerts are activated.

Story Type

A template that determines which Elements will be available when editing a Story Profile. Story Types may be tightly or loosely structured. Story Types may provide specialized Elements or additional functionality. Choosing the correct Story Type is vital for creating good looking Content. CAUTION – Story Type CAN NOT be changed once a Story is created.


Title of the Content. Primary property that is searched in the Find Stories or Related Story/Media search fields. Not displayed on the final page. Slug can be automatically generated from the Title.


Full location of the Content. Clicking this link allows the user to preview the Content as it would look on the Web Server.

— Matt Rolf