Tutorials: Creating your first page

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Creating a “Hello, world!” Webpage on a Remote Server

  • Just use the default Site (ADMINSYSTEM→Sites)
  • Create an Output Channel (OC) (ADMINPUBLISHING→Output Channels→Add a New Output Channel )
  • Create a Destination (ADMINDISTRIBUTION→Destinations→Add a New Destination)
    • use FTP as the “Move Method”
    • add the OC to the Destination
    • add a “Move” action
    • add the server with the FTP username and password and location of document root.
  • Create a story element type (with your OC as the Primary OC) (ADMINPUBLISHING→Element Types→Add a New Element Type)
    • Add a “Custom Field”, call it Paragraph.
  • Create and deploy a mason element template (your OC) for your story element
    something like paragraph.mc (TEMPLATE→New Template)
  • Create and deploy an autohandler category template for your OC (TEMPLATE→New Template)
  • Create a new story via the Primary workflow (STORY→New Story)
    • Story Type: your story element type
    • Category: /
    • Put stuff in your paragraph field (hello world)
    • Preview, Check in and Publish

The OC does some stuff with the file name your story (web page) will end
up with via the URI or Fixed URI Format fields and the Use Slug for
Filename check box in the OC definition. Make sure to deploy your templates!
To check if they are deployed go to Find Templates and make sure the status
is D.

— Originally written by Miki Janosi

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