Workspace Interface

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Available by clicking on “My Workspace” at the top left.

Check In Drop Down

Drop down on the right that lets user Check In and move the Content to another Desk or the Shelf. Used in conjunction with the Check In Assets button at the bottom of the screen.

Check In to . . .

Link at the top of each piece of Content that Checks In the Content to whatever Desk it is currently on.


Create a copy of the Content. Useful when the user needs to tweak the information on a Story, but also wants to Publish an old copy as an archive on the Web Server.


Check box used to delete the Content. Used in conjunction with the Delete Checked button at the bottom of the screen.


Enter Story/Media Profile to edit the Content.


A log of all Content activity including Saves, Versions, Check Ins, and Publishes. Useful to see who/what went wrong for a bad piece of Content.


View or add Notes about the current Version of the Content.

Select All

Button that checks all Delete check boxes.

Story Title

Click to Preview Content.

— Matt Rolf