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Bricolage is used to manage a vast array of Websites in a variety of organizations world-wide. Here is a sampling of some of the best-known sites to be powered by Bricolage.

Ad Council
Adams State University
Adams State University located in the beautiful San Luis Valley, is the designated Regional Education Provider for southern Colorado. Bricolage manages the primary web presence for the college with over 70 active users producing static and dynamic content.

For a look at the Adams State University Bricolage installation in action, visit this series of online tutorials. (Links to individual tutorial sections are in the right-hand column.)
American Business Institute
AmBusi is a Membership Organization dedicated to helping small businesses save time and money. All membership content, and public content preview is managed through Bricolage.
Architectural Energy Corporation
Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC) is a leading business-to-business energy engineering firm concerned with energy, buildings, and the environment.
Brain Mapping Unit, University of Cambridge
Branded Content by Que Pasa
This showcase site for the journalist writings of Que Pasa Communications uses Bricolage to manage all of the content on the site. The content is also syndicated from Bricolage via xml onto the companion mobile site (wap.branded-content.co.uk) and demonstrates how Bricolage can be used to manage content into a highly dynamic front-end.
Yes, Bricolage eats its own dog food. The Bricolage Web site is of course managed in Bricolage.
Canadian Art magazine
Canada’s visual art magazine and the Canadian Art Foundation. This site demonstrates Bricolage’s adept ability to meet the needs of traditional publishers who are making the transition to publishing both in print and online. With relatively little training, the Canadian Art staff have quickly taken the reins and are easily able to update the site on a daily basis with new interactive features, slideshows, and stories.
Denison University
Denison University in Ohio added its name to the list of organizations running Bricolage in August 2007. They migrated 20,000 assets of official campus content into the new system.
Dimensional Fund Advisors
Diário de Notícias
Diário de Notícias, Portugal’s oldest newspaper, is managed by Bricolage.
DOME Productions
One of North America’s leading production facilities providers, Dome offers mobile broadcast trucks and fly-packs (high definition, digital and analog), and a range of telecommunications services. The site contains detailed spec sheets for all its broadcast trucks, with each sheet available in English and French, in both web and PDF formats. With Bricolage output channels, updating all four documents is a one-click process.
Earley Acupunture
Site is for an acupuncture practice. The pages are fairly standard bricolage template fare, with the navigation being managed by a navigation story element to allow for fine-grained control over the presentation. Unique page elements consists of the picture/quote rotation on the right is managed by a custom subelement in every page with multiple related media subelements and the Google Map integration bya custom map subelement that allows the user to select Google or Bing API for display on the page.
Entertainment Tonight Online
Fake Sigi Soccer
Commentary and other literary exercises as they pertain to professional, college, national team and youth soccer in the United States and Canada.
Flynn Group
Using the ability to add multiple output channels to a single story in Bricolage, Flynn Group is able to manage their property listings stories, and the list of available properties page is automatically updated, as is the JavaScript include file needed to power the Google Maps overview.
Group Complete
Group Complete is a collaborative & real-time mobile data collection system for Android and iOS. Bricolage is used to power the website, RSS feeds and provide content for email marketing campaigns for the product.
The International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) is a global network of 88 organisations working to defend and promote the right to free expression. IFEX.org uses Bricolage to power both its website (with content in English, French, Spanish and Arabic) and its large network of email alerts and publications.
Insight on Conflict
This unique resource provides access to the inspiring and valuable lessons of those living in conflict areas and working for peace. This site shares the same CMS as the parent site (www.peacedirect.org) and uses many of Bricolage’s templating strengths to build topic maps and paged indexes whilst remaining easy for editors to work with.
ITadmin GmbH
ITadmin GmbH provides consulting and expertise in systems and network administration.
ITN is the world’s largest independent news organisation, producing news and factual programming for television, radio, new media and more. ITN is also a diverse and dynamic commercial media organisation providing a range of broadcast services to customers around the world. Bricolage is used by the ITN New Media Development.
Jornal de Notícias
Jornal de Notícias, Porgugal’s oldest newspaper, is published in full each morning by Bricolage.
Kineticode, the leading provider of Bricolage-related consulting and support services, uses Bricolage to manage its Web site.
Konecranes is a leading provider of high-performance lifting solutions and maintenance services. The company, with 500 employees at 24 branches in Germany, has chosen Bricolage to manage all the content of its website.
La Grange Presbyterian Church
Fully supported by Bricolage, this site implements dynamically created navigation items when the stories are published. Unique aspects of this implementation are the use of cover date to create a back/forward navigation on the Articles and adding a custom element to the stories that makes it easy to add references to biblical verses. This site also uses a custom element to include a list of documents in a folder on Google Docs.
LightLouver, LLC
LightLouver, LLC is dedicated to creating the best daylighting and solar control products for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings.
MacCentral, Macworld’s news service, is managed by Mac Publishing’s Bricolage Server.
Macworld, the Mac product experts, uses Bricolage to manage its entire site.
Nashville Scene
The Nashville Scene is a Nashville, Tenn., alternative newsweekly covering news, politics, and entertainment. In business since 1989, the Scene has maintained an online presence since 1995 and transitioned to Bricolage 1.8.6 along with a 2005 redesign of its website. The Scene uses Bricolage not only to deliver all its editorial and advertising content to the website, but also to manage its large entertainment listings database, outputting both to print and online.
NetStumbler.com a popular source for current Wi-Fi/Wireless News and uses Bricolage to manage the entire site.
New Internationalist
New Internationalist (NI) workers’ co-operative exists to report on issues of world poverty and inequality; to focus attention on the unjust relationship between the powerful and the powerless worldwide; to debate and campaign for the radical changes necessary to meet the basic needs of all; and to bring to life the people, the ideas and the action in the fight for global justice.
Office of State Revenue: New South Wales Government
Office of State Revenue administers State taxation, collects revenue, outstanding fines and penalties, develops policy and implements legislation relating to State taxation for and on behalf of the people of New South Wales Government.
Oxford University Press Journals
Peace Direct
A new organisation supporting grass roots peacemaking in conflict areas, Peace Direct benefited from Bricolage’s low cost of implementation and easy deployment to enable contributors from across the world to add content to the site.
Performance Learning Systems®
Performanc Learning Systems manages its entire site in Bricolage.
A site dedicated to capturing the excitement of the digital music marketplace. Managed by Mac Publishing’s Bricolage server.
PIRT, the Primedia Internet Resources and Technology Group, uses Bricolage to manage the Web sites for a number of its publications.
Que Pasa
Yet another demonstration of Bricolage’s ability to handle just about any type of site format, Que Pasa also features a WAP-friendly site generated from the same content using a secondary set of output channels. For those with the capability, it’s available at wap.que-pasa.co.uk.
Radio Free Asia
Funded by the U.S. Congress with a mandate to broadcast exhaustive, unbiased news to Asian countries that lack free media, RFA manages and publishes its content in 10 different languages via Bricolage.
RAND Corporation
The original think tank, RAND is in the process of rebuilding its entire library of online publications using Bricolage.
Redfin is the industry’s first online brokerage for residential real estate. Read about their “plumbing upgrade” to Bricolage here.
Section15.ca sets out to give us a feminist take on Canadian history, as well as the country’s people, current events and culture. This site illustrates how Bricolage can easily handle the needs of content-rich Web sites with standard “Web 2.0” features like blogs and comments.
Sportsnet.ca — Canada’s regional cable sports network — provides up-to-the-minute sports news, statistics, scores and information on events, games and players.
The Lab School of Washington
The Tyee
The Tyee is the independent alternative daily online newspaper based in British Columbia, Canada. It was developed to provide a platform for well written stories that weren’t getting covered by the corporate media in BC. Bricolage is used to manage over 7,000 articles and images, and is integrated with a separate commenting system, ad server and e-newsletter program.
The University of Chihuahua (Mexico)
The University of Chihuahua (Mexico) main website.
TUXAMOON is an independent German online magazine which provides a wealth of stories and reviews on cultural topics such as music, literature, society and politics. The writers, who are based throughout Germany, appreciate not only the ease-of-use and flexibility which Bricolage offers, but also its powerful workflow and versioning capabilities.
United Insurance Brokers
The website for medium sized British insurance brokers. Bricolage manages almost all areas of the site, controlling all of the image assets as well as formatting all of the pages via a library of around 30 templates.
A volunteer driven effort to archive matters related to urban form, starting with skyscraper construction activities in the Greater Toronto Area. The site is managed by a Bricolage server heavily integrated with PostGIS.
Vergabe24 is Germany’s largest portal around several tender solutions and its common information site. Four existing tender platforms joined their forces to create this new portal.
World Health Organization
The WHO maintains its site in Bricolage, and provides the UI for site updates to over 500 users throughout the organization.
Zahnärzte in Sachsen (“dentists in saxony”)
Zahnärzte in Sachsen provides information and services around dentists everyday life. Besides masses of information there is a job exchange, education events, online accounting, download area and news. Also practice employees, patients and press can find important information and tools here, e.g. schooling events, a dentists search and the current emergency plan.
ZWS are the experts when it comes to innovative systems which use renewable energy sources. They have chosen Bricolage to manage the content of their corporate website and all microsites for their branches in Germany and Austria. Thanks in particular to its ability to handle text and media files on different servers while utilizing both a central and a peripheral approach, it simplifies both the provision and sharing of content.
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