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The Bricolage Frequently Asked Questions address the evaluation of Bricolage, common errors and instalation issues, element administration, template administration, and more.


O’Reilly has published Content Management with Bricolage as an appendix to its book, Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason. This introduction to Bricolage covers installation, concepts, element administration, and of course Mason templating.


Adams State College in Colorado uses Bricolage to power its site. The college maintains a series of online Flash-based tutorials. These are a great way to see Bricolage in action.


A few HOWTOs have been written by capable contributors and published here here on the Bricolage Website. They include:

Online Documentation Browsers

The complete Bricolage API & command-line documentation is available for browsing online. Documentation browsers are available for all major releases of Bricolage, as well as the current development branch from the source code repository.

Installed Documentation

Bricolage uses a form of embedded documentation called POD to document its API inside the Bricolage source files. If you have Bricolage installed then you can read the documentation using the perldoc command and a properly setup $PERL5LIB environment variable. For example:

% PERL5LIB=/usr/local/bricolage perldoc Bric::Admin

If you don’t have Bricolage installed, feel free to browse the documentation online.

Entry Points


  • Bric::Admin: The Admin Guide, which includes installation and configuration instructions.
  • Bric::Security: Information about Bricolage security.
  • Bric::DBA: The Database Admin Guide—care and feeding of your PostgreSQL database made easy.


  • Bric::ElementAdmin: The Element Admin Guide, which describes how to model documents by creating new Bricolage elements.
  • Bric::AssetEditing: Learn how to enter content into Bricolage.
  • Bric::Alert: The Bricolage Alert system explained.


Command-Line Programs

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