Commercial Bricolage services

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People and organizations that provide commercial Bricolage services:

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Buelskaemper Information Architecture
Buelskaemper Information Architecture, based in Germany, offers implementation concepts and services including accessible and well-designed CSS-driven Web sites and Mason templating.

Community Bandwidth
Community Bandwidth provides Bricolage services and consulting to non-profit and progressive publishers in the UK, US, and Canada.

Digital Craftsmen
Digital Craftsmen provide Bricolage implementation services and hosting options in the UK and Europe.

Endeworks, based in Japan, which offers application development and consulting services, provides Bricolage implementation and hosting services.

Gossamer Threads
Gossamer Threads has been working with Perl and developing applications in Perl since 1995. Drawing upon their experience with the language, they’ve set up a hosting platform to support Bricolage the way it should be supported.

PostgreSQL Experts, Inc.
Co-Founded by Bricolage maintainer and lead developer David Wheeler, PGX is a San Francisco-based consulting firm which offers support and consulting on the PostgreSQL database and applications that use PostgreSQL, including, of course, Bricolage.

Pectopah Productions
Pectopah specializes in building large, complex web sites and services using open-source applications and custom web software. Our content management system (CMS) of choice is Bricolage, an open-source enterprise-class application.

Matt Rolf
Matt is available for Bricolage-related consulting opportunities in the areas of implementation, administration, training, template development, and business process analysis. He believes developers should routinely use the tool they work with, and uses his soccer website as a Bricolage proving ground.

Aumenta provides Bricolage services and consulting from art galleries to online newspapers in Mexico and Latin America.

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