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1 parent 48ea8c2 commit cca6038339c5168b37f64adb577966fe1da1968b @theory theory committed Aug 29, 2005
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@@ -17,6 +17,13 @@ Revision history for Templates & Elements
the old (and conflicting) "media" element.
- Fixed typo in /util/ that would have allowed expired
stories to be listed.
+ - Now using the "published_version" parameter (available in Bricolage
+ 1.8.3 and newer) when searching for archives to republish whenever an
+ article is published.
+ - Now using the Schwartzian transform for more efficient sorting of
+ keywords in the template.
+ - Templates no longer add a trailing slash to URIs, since all URIs in
+ Bricolage and newer will include the slash.
1.20 2005-01-10T23:38:25
- Modified the archive lookup template to look up only article documents

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