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Simple OS X app to allow cloning github repositories via a bookmarklet or dragging and dropping a URL to the dock icon.

For bookmarklet, see the very ugly interwebsite at

You can also download a pre-built binary at

To use:

  • Go to a github URL
  • Invoke the bookmarklet or drag the URL to the Cloner dock icon (if running)

By default, the repo will be cloned into your downloads folder. You can change this by choosing a new default destination in Cloner | Preferences.


At least weekly, I clone a repository just to run the example app or grab a single file or something else like that. I don't really want the repo long term, I just want to clone it, run or grab what I want, and get rid of it. So I wrote this to improve that workflow. Someone else might like it too. If you do, please give me a high five on twitter.


  • Commission an icon and possibly a proper website.
  • Add support for prompting for username/password for protected URLs
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