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bridge. v2

bridge. v2 is now available. Read more about it on our website or visit our new repository.

About bridge.

bridge. is a powerful add-on editor designed to speed up your development process. It provides a rich editing experience for all files inside behavior and resource packs (JavaScript, JSON and functions) and provides a powerful work environment. Unleash the full power of add-ons with bridge. plugins and make use of rich auto-completions provided as you navigate through a file. Creating Minecraft add-ons was never more convenient!

Why you should use bridge.

Most importantly, JSON editors like bridge. guarantee that you cannot write invalid JSON. Additionally, "bridge." has a few more specific features which other editors do not offer:

  • bridge. interacts seamlessly with Minecraft and loads behavior packs and the corresponding resource pack from the com.mojang folder automatically
  • You cannot make general file structure mistakes because rich auto-completions guide you through the file
  • You do not need to study vanilla files and/or the incorrect documentation to find out which arguments a component has
  • Support for plugins: From custom components to searching files - bridge. plugins can do almost anything
  • Developing is generally significantly faster

Feature Overview


  • Create new behavior packs and resource packs with an automatically generated manifest.json
  • Create new behavior pack and resource pack files through a clear interface
  • Package your behavior pack with only one click


  • Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo and all other features you would expect
  • Powerful shortcuts to reorder and navigate through a JSON file
  • JSON displays as a tree structure with collapsible/expandable elements
  • Easily restructure JSON files by dragging elements
  • Beautiful syntax highlighting for all behavior pack files
  • Snippets to quickly import common JSON patterns
  • Error/Mistake detection and auto-fixes for some of them
  • bridge. file structure predictions for users who want to be even faster writing add-ons


  • Rich auto-completions for entities, loot tables, trades, spawn rules, biomes, items, blocks, recipes, features, feature rules, animations and animation controllers
  • Handcrafted: We don't trust the Minecraft documentation and you shouldn't either. That's why we wrote all suggestions by hand
  • Context sensitive: bridge. proposes different data depending on what you wrote before. Adding e.g. a new item results in the corresponding identifier being proposed whenever an item identifier is a valid value throughout your behavior and resource pack files.
  • Ability to switch between auto-completions for multiple Minecraft versions seamlessly: We always support the latest stable release and the latest beta

Debug Log Explorer

  • A perfect tool for browsing content errors
  • Filter by tags or search for specific logs
  • Open affected files with only one click


  • Easy access to the Minecraft add-on documentation
  • Shortcut to lookup specific components in your file
  • And more features to come...!


  • Tabs vs. Spaces: You get to choose how we generate your files
  • Light & Dark Theme with corresponding syntax highlighter
  • Set a default project to be opened automatically when you open bridge.
  • Choose between auto-completions for multiple Minecraft versions
  • Collection of options to customize your developing experience

JavaScript Plugins

  • Create new menus, windows and notifications
  • Add new file types
  • Hook into a variety of different events
  • Develop your own custom add-on syntax
  • Library with existing plugins to download from within bridge.
  •

Projects created with bridge.

bridge. Plugins


You can read more on plugins here.


The repository for plugins can be found here. Feel free to add your plugins to it in order to make them appear inside the plugin menu.

Contributing to bridge.

Contributions to bridge. are welcome. However, please read the guidelines first.


JSON Editing

JSON errors JSON editing JSON context menu JSON split-screen

Other Filetypes

JavaScript .mcfunction


bridge. settings bridge. file creation


bridge. snippets bridge. custom snippets