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Create BridgeDb Identity Mapping files

This groovy script creates a Derby file for BridgeDb [1,2] for use in PathVisio, etc.

The script has been tested with HMDB 4.0 [3,4,5], ChEBI 159 [6], and Wikidata [7,8] from January 2018.

I'm indebted to all that worked on identifier mappings in these projects:

Everyone can contribute ID mappings to the latter project.


The files are released via the BridgeDb Website:

The mapping files are also archived on Figshare:


This repository: New BSD.

Derby License -> BridgeDb License ->

Run the script and test the results

  1. Update the createDerby.groovy file with the new version numbers ("DATASOURCEVERSION" field). this information is stored as metadata, and needed for example in the BridgeDb webservice to correctly display which data is in the mapping file.

  2. add the jars to your classpath, e.g. on Linux with:

export CLASSPATH=`ls -1 *.jar | tr '\n' ':'`

  1. make sure the HMDB data file is saved as and to create a new zip file will each metabolite in separate XML file:
mkdir hmdb
cd hmdb
cp ../hmdb_metabolites.xml .
xml_split -v -l 1 hmdb_metabolites.xml
rm hmdb_metabolites.xml
cd ..
zip -r hmdb
  1. make sure the ChEBI data file is saved
mkdir data
cd data
gunzip names.tsv.gz
mv names.tsv chebi_names.tsv
mv database_accession.tsv chebi_database_accession.tsv
  1. make sure the Wikidata files are saved

4.1 ID mappings

A set of SPARQL queries have been compiled and saved in the wikidata/ folder. These queries can be manually executed at These queries download mappings from Wikidata for CAS registry numbers (cas.rq), ChemSpider (cs.rq), PubChem (pubchem.rq), KEGG compounds (kegg.rq), KnAPSaCK IDs (knapsack.rq) [9].

However, you can also use the below curl command line operations.

curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/cas.rq -G -o cas2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/cs.rq -G -o cs2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/pubchem.rq -G -o pubchem2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/chebi.rq -G -o chebi2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/kegg.rq -G -o kegg2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/hmdb.rq -G -o hmdb2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/lm.rq -G -o lm2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/knapsack.rq -G -o knapsack2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/comptox.rq -G -o comptox2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/iuphar.rq -G -o gpl2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/chembl.rq -G -o chembl2wikidata.csv
curl -H "Accept: text/csv" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/drugbank.rq -G -o drugbank2wikidata.csv

4.2 Get compound labels and InChIKeys

With a similar SPARQL query (names.rq) the compounds labels (English only) and InChIKeys can be downloaded as simple TSV and saved as "names2wikidata.tsv" (note that this file is TAB separated):

curl -H "Accept: text/tab-separated-values" --data-urlencode query@wikidata/names.rq -G -o names2wikidata.tsv
  1. Run the script with Groovy:
export CLASSPATH=`ls -1 *.jar | tr '\n' ':'`
groovy createDerby.groovy
  1. Test the resulting Derby file by opening it in PathVisio

  2. Use the BridgeDb QC tool to compare it with the previous mapping file

The BridgeDb repository has a tool to perform quality control (qc) on ID mapping files:

sh old.bridge new.bridge
  1. Upload the data to Figshare and update the following pages:
  1. Tag this repository with the DOI of the latest release.

To ensure we know exactly which repository version was used to generate a specific release, the latest commit used for that release is tagged with the DOI on Figshare. To list all current tags:

git tag

To make a new tag, run:

git tag $DOR

where $DOI is replaced with the DOI of the release.

  1. Inform downstream projects

At least the following projects need to be informed about the availability of the new mapping database:

  • BridgeDb webservice
  • WikiPathways RDF generation team (Jenkins server)
  • WikiPathways indexer (supporting the WikiPathways web service)


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