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The BridgeDb vocabulary

Source files for the BridgeDb ontology, available at


The ontology is installed by adding two files to /var/www/

  1. .htaccess file to ensure rewriting of /ops# to /index.php#, ensuring dereferencibility:

    RewriteRule ^ops#(.*)$ index.php#$1

  2. index.php file to get the latest version of index.html from the master branch of this repo and display it:

  $vocabUrl = "";
  $vocabLines = file($vocabUrl);
  echo $vocab;


If you know your update should take effect immediately, commit it to the master branch of this repo. Otherwise, commit it to another branch like dev and get confirmation regarding your proposed changes before merging them into master.

The file index.php referenced above will automatically always display the latest version committed to master.

HTML and RDFa validation

The HTML validation report is generated online:

The RDF embedded in this document can be extracted as: