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🤘 A curated collection of awesome Bridge.NET, Retyped, and all things related.
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Awesome Bridge.NET and Retyped

A collection of awesome Bridge.NET and Retyped stuff.



Using Bridge or Retyped in a commercial project? Let the community know and please provide a brief description of the project(s).

Name Description
moreno-psychodrama Small seminar mangement and booking system (Excpected Online date End of 2018)
Chartnando Create modern web, mobile & PowerPoint dashboards without leaving Excel
CINgroup Software and data products and services for bankruptcy attorneys and their clients.
Ceridian Human resources software and services. AI-powered knowledge exploration for enterprise
CSharpWebExpress Build modern Web applications completely in CSharp without HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

Open Source Projects

Are you using Bridge or Retyped in an open-source project? Add a link to the project below:

Project Description
Widgetoko A Node.js and Electron demo app (blog post)
Retyped Demos Demo projects using Retyped
WebArena Quake 3 port to web using WebGL
OpencascadeExplorer 3D modeling with Open Cascade
Granular Implementation of WPF compiled to JavaScript, allowing WPF aps to run in the browser



Name Description
Retyped Access 2300+ libraries from C# and let Bridge.NET compile your project into JavaScript
Bridge.React Bindings for Bridge.NET for React - write React applications in C#!
Bridge.ReactRouting Routing solution for React Apps with Bridge.NET
Bridge.Immutable A way to make it easier to create and work with immutable classes in Bridge.NET
Cable Type-safe client-server communication for C# featuring Bridge.NET and NancyFx
Bridge.Ractive Bindings of Ractive.js to be used in Bridge.NET projects
Bridge.ChartJS Bindings for Chart.js library to be used in Bridge.NET projects
Bridge.Newtonsoft.Json A Bridge.NET implementation of the Newtonsoft.Json API


Name Description
Deck.NET Online playground powered by Bridge.NET
Bridge CLI A Windows and Mac command line interface for Bridge compiler
A Reflection Comparer Useful for finding missing functionality, it works by (comparing mscorlib.dll and Bridge.dll)'s reflection
TypescriptToCS2 A program that converts Typescript Definitions to C# to make bindings
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