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"undefined" is a strange concept in C#. Having it map to "null" would be easier to deal with.

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After looking at the problem more I am not sure what I suggested makes sense. Maybe have a utility method IsNullOrUndefined somewhere instead of mapping undefined to null?


A thought would be to map undefined to a "class", something like

public static class Undefined
    private static readonly object _internal = new object();

    public static object Undefined
            return _internal;

So Undefined.Undefined compiles down to just undefined


Currently there is the definition "Script.undefined" that can be used to compare to "undefined". This leads to a lot of code:

if (myvar == null || myvar == Script.undefined)
    //Do something to deal with unset variable

I think that this is what you suggest. Maybe replace the comparison with a utility function:

if (Script.IsNullOrUndefined(myvar))

Ah, yes. In that case I think such a utility function could work. Though I think I might make it an extension method on Object


I like the idea of an extension method on Object, although I'm a little reluctant to be bolting on unexpected members to native classes.

The Script class might also get separated out into the Html5 project with v1.11, and since undefined is not a C# concept, all references to undefined within the main Bridge project will likely be moved to Html5 as well.

I'm just speculating here, and haven't taken a really good look at the implications of this reorganization. Once we get in there (this week) we'll have a better understanding of what needs to change.

Thanks for the great feedback and comments.


@johnwason there's Validation.IsNotNull() which is basically defined as typeof value !== "undefined" && value !== null;

But i agree that undefined is currently being handled awkwardly.

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With the upcoming 1.11 release obj === null check will be emitted as !Bridge.hasValue(obj) that actually checks on both - null and undefined. We will appreciated any feedback.

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