Build From Source

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Step 1: Get Bridge Source

  1. Clone the Bridge repo
  • master branch is the latest, or
  • dev branch will be the next release, or
  • clone a feature branch, or
  • clone a release tag
  1. Or, download the latest full-source .zip package
  2. Or, fork the Bridge repo if you want to send a pull request

Step 2: Compile

  1. Double-click on Bridge.sln to open in Visual Studio
  2. Switch to Release mode
  3. Choose Build > Build Solution or Ctrl + Shift + b

Step 3: Setup Local NuGet Packages

  1. After Step #2 completes successfully, double-click on the file .build\packages\collect.bat
  2. NuGet packages will be copied to the .build\packages folder
  3. Within NuGet Package Manager, add a new Local Package Source pointing to .build\packages

Step 4: New Project

  1. Once you setup a local NuGet package source, create a new C# Class Library project
  2. Use NuGet Package Manager to install your new Bridge package, or
  3. Use NuGet Package Manager Console to install Bridge using the following command:
Install-Package Bridge

PROTIP: If you recompile the Bridge project locally and create updated versions of the NuGet packages, it is best to delete the contents of your Projects root packages folder. The next time you compile your project where Bridge is installed, Visual Studio will automatically fetch updated Packages.

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