I Found A Defect

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Defects are always there, just waiting to be found. If you happened to find one, please let us know and we will investigate.

Before Reporting

Before you report a defect, please spend a few minutes to research if the bug has already been reported, or already fixed (on a newer version).

Some things you can try before committing to post a bug are:

  1. Check the Bridge Community Forums
  2. Check the GitHub Issues
  3. Google might be able to find something related
  4. Is this really a bug? Maybe it's a feature?
  5. Are you using latest version?

Where To Report

First step is to check the Bridge Community Forums.

A discussion may have already started regarding the same, or similar issue. If a search of the forum does not uncover a related topic, please feel free to start a new thread.

The Bridge.NET #support team will review and attempt to reproduce. If a defect is confirmed, we will create a new Issue within the Bridge.NET GitHub public Issue tracker.

How To Report

It is very important when reporting a bug, to describe clearly what the bug is, how to reproduce it, and what would be an acceptable fix in your opinion.

When reporting a bug, please keep the following topics in mind while you are providing a detailed report.

  1. Describe the bug
  2. Have you Googled for information?
  3. What steps are required to reproduce?
  4. What was the expected result?
  5. What are the prerequisites to reproduce the bug?
  6. Does the bug always occur? or, only under a given set of circumstances? or, sporadically because some tiny elf is living in your computer?
  7. What's the priority of the bug?
  8. Are there known workarounds or other approaches to overcome the reproduced bug?
  9. Has a similar or related defect been reported?
  10. Has this defect just been introduced and not occurring in a previous release?
  11. Have you Googled for information?

Simplified Sample Required

Most of the times when you find something, just describing the defect is not enough. Our #support and #dev teams primarily speak in the language of code.

Please ensure you provide a simplified sample demonstrating how to reproduce the error. Reduce the explanation to simple step-by-step list. We should be able to copy + paste your sample into our test project and reproduce without having to make modifications to your code.

This will greatly improve our response time.

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