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Bridge Foundry Operations Guide

Welcome to the Operations Guide for Bridge Foundry, Inc., a US non-profit organization with a 501c3 designation.

Our open source and online resources are freely available to anyone for use in furthering our mission. This support of independent communities all over the world is governed by open source license agreements and terms of service.

For details about who runs our operations and writes this guide, see CONTRIBUTING

About mkdocs + uses mkdocs to turn this git repository into well-formatted HTML. You can run mkdocs on your own computer to preview the site. We use Travis-CI to generate the site when the master branch updates; Travis-CI stores its logs here.

We use Firebase to serve the website to the world; talk to Sarah for access. Now and then we need to refresh the token:

  1. if needed npm install -g firebase-tools
  2. firebase login:ci
  3. in Travis Settings, deleted FIREBASE_TOKEN, add new one

To generate the nicely-formatted site on your own computer, open up a terminal app and navigate to the folder with the operations guide. Then, run the following commands. Note that if you get any Command not found errors, you might need to run first.

virtualenv tmp/docs-virtualenv
tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin/pip install mkdocs
tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin/mkdocs serve

Now should contain a live preview of the website.

Formatting with mkdocs

Here are the special things that mkdocs needs to display the markdown appropriately:

  • New line between a paragraph and bullet points in order for bullet points to display
  • Four spaces before a sub-bullet (rather than 2 spaces)
    • Like this!


All about the finances for all the Bridges: fund status, how to establish a local fund, withdrawal and reimbursement process, etc.



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