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Raffle application written in Java EE
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Wed Jan 31, 2013

This is "Raffle it Up" application for doing a raffle. It is written in
Java and targeted for JBoss AS7. Although, it could run on other 
application servers such as Glassfish. I just have not tried it.

Maven (3.0.x or greater)

Check it with the following
$ mvn -version

JBoss AS7

Start your jboss server. If you run Windows, use the ".bat" file instead.
$ cd <location of jboss AS 7.1>
$ bin/

Go to where you pulled the source for "Raffle It Up". Set your jboss_home folder.
Do this in a separate terminal
$ export JBOSS_HOME=<location of jboss AS 7.1>
$ cd raffle
$ mvn jboss-as:deploy

The following also might be useful.

The following will generate the meta classes. You probably don't have to run this,
but if you have missing and friends, this will generate the classes.

$ mvn processor:process

$ mvn compile package

If all goes well, you will see SUCCESS. Copy the resulting war file
to the standalone/deployments folder in the JBoss server. Start 
JBoss with bin/ and go to your browser

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