Commits on May 29, 2017
  1. Fix message in test due to send duplicated files

    Ana06 authored and sds committed May 19, 2017
    We were sending an array with duplicated files in the tests to
    HamlLint::Reporter::DisabledConfigReporter#display_report, which is
  2. Add a test for #display_report with 16 files

    Ana06 authored and sds committed May 19, 2017
    Add a test for  Reporter::DisabledConfigReporter with more than 15 files
    to test the disabling of linters with many offenses.
  3. Disable linters with many offenses in todo file

    Ana06 authored and sds committed May 19, 2017
    When autogenerating the todo file we used to list as excluded all the
    files with offenses. This looks horrible when having many files.
    Now when we have more than 15 files we exclude the lint instead,
    similarly as it is done in Rubocop.
    Closes #223
Commits on Mar 24, 2017
  1. Fix duplicated entries in haml-lint_todo.yml

    Ana06 committed Mar 24, 2017
    When autogenerating `haml-lint_todo.yml` It seems that every file is added to
    the exclude section of the haml-lint_todo.yml as many times as offenses it has.
    Fixes #208
  2. Set the current directory as default

    Ana06 committed Mar 23, 2017
    When you don't specify any directory when calling `haml-lint`, it doesn't
    inspect any file, while I would expect it to use the current directory to look
    for files, as Rubocop does.
    This is even more confusing when calling it with the option `auto-gen-config`,
    as you have to call it like:
    `haml-lint . --auto-gen-config`
    which is really ugly, and it is not what the documentation says.
  3. Fix bug in disabled_config_reporter#finished_file

    Ana06 committed Mar 23, 2017
    The `--auto-gen-config` option, introduced in
    didn't work due to a bug in `disabled_config_reporter#finished_file`.