Bug: sort issues with properties. #82

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there is an issue with scss-lint, properties like this should not be sorted.

also, I don't agree with all of this, but most of it is good.


there should be a config option for both single quotes and double quotes linting.

some people prefer double quotes (I do).

but I also love the benefits that scss-lint gives me.

border-radius: 4rem; // this should not be put at the bottom.
border-bottom-right-radius: 0;
border-bottom-left-radius: 0;

the work around I've done to get scss-lint to stop complaining about the border-radius issue is by expanding out the other 2 properties (border-top-right-radius, etc). and setting those. So I guess you could tell people to do that instead.


sds commented Mar 5, 2014

Hey @lifeiscontent, thanks for the link. We'll have a look and see if there are any obvious things we could convert to lints (but feel free to submit a pull request yourself!)

Regarding single versus double quotes, that is already customizable, see the StringQuotes linter documentation.

Regarding your comment about property sort order, I'm not sure I completely understand the justification. In the example you provide, I don't see why you would mix the shorthand property border-radius with the long form properties (border-<top/bottom>-<left/right>-radius). It would be preferable to write those as a single property so you ship fewer bytes to the client, e.g.

border-radius: 4rem 4rem 0 0;

Let me know if I'm interpreting your concern correctly. Ultimately, it might best be solved by implementing #64.

In future, could you separate your suggestions into different issues so that it is clearer what each issue entails?

Thanks for using and caring about scss-lint!

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Cool, thanks Shane for the info on StringQuotes.

I'll spend more time on my support requests going forward. 👍

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