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⚠️ Brigade is an archived CNCF project.

Brigade: Event-Driven Scripting for Kubernetes

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Brigade is a full-featured, event-driven scripting platform built on top of Kubernetes. It integrates with many different event sources, more are always being added, and it's easy to create your own if you need something specific. And the best part -- Kubernetes is well-abstracted so even team members without extensive Kubernetes experience or without direct access to a cluster can be productive.

⚠️ You are viewing docs and code for Brigade 2. If you are looking for legacy Brigade 1.x documentation and code, visit the v1 branch

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Check out our QuickStart for comprehensive instructions.

The Brigade Ecosystem

Brigade's API makes it easy to create all manner of peripherals-- tooling, event gateways, and more.


Our event gateways receive events from upstream systems (the "outside world") and convert them to Brigade events that are emitted into Brigade's event bus.

Other Event Sources


Brigade Metrics is a great way to obtain operational insights into a Brigade installation.


Use any of these to develop your own integrations!


The Brigade project accepts contributions via GitHub pull requests. The Contributing document outlines the process to help get your contribution accepted.

Support & Feedback

We have a slack channel! Kubernetes/#brigade Feel free to join for any support questions or feedback, we are happy to help. To report an issue or to request a feature open an issue here

Code of Conduct

Participation in the Brigade project is governed by the CNCF Code of Conduct.