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## Containerized Development Environment

To ensure a consistent development environment for all contributors, Brigade
relies heavily on Docker containers as sandboxes for all development activities
including dependency resolution, executing tests, or running a development

`make` targets seamlessly handle the container orchestration.

If, for whatever reason, you must opt-out of executing development tasks within
containers, set the `SKIP_DOCKER` environment variable to `true`, but be aware
that by doing so, the success or failure of development-related tasks, tests,
etc. will be dependent on the state of your system, with no guarantee of the
same results in CI.

## Developing on Windows

All development-related tasks should "just work" on Linux and Mac OS systems.
When developing on Windows, the maintainers strongly recommend utilizing the
Windows Subsystem for Linux.

[This blog post](
provides excellent guidance on making the Windows Subsystem for Linux work
seamlessly with Docker Desktop (Docker for Windows).

## Working with Go Code

To run lint checks:

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