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Current Distributions

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For an introduction to the different distributions listed here, please refer to Ways to Use in this repo's README

Distro Version Github Location Heroku Deploy NPM Docker Location
Suite 0.1.8 brigadehub@0.1.8 Brigadehub Suite Heroku Install brigadehub@0.1.8 brigadehub/suite@v0.1.8
Admin Gateway 0.1.2 admin-gateway@0.1.2 Brigadehub Suite Heroku Install brigadehub-admin-gateway@0.1.2 brigadehub/admin-gateway@v0.1.2
Mini 0.1.1 mini@0.1.1 Brigadehub Suite Heroku Install brigadehub-mini@0.1.1 brigadehub/mini@v0.1.1

Disclaimer: Brigadehub is still in BETA, and may have various bugs that may affect the stability of the installation, and that require troubleshooting/hotfixes. By running this in production you are understanding and accepting this, and are stating that you are willing to work with the Brigadehub team to resolve them. This could include opening a Github issue when an issue arises, and/or retrieving logs from relevant locations for further diagnosis.

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