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Brightact API v1


Thank you for reviewing the BrightAct API.

Our API is a way for you to access and add content to your account, as well as get analyitc data and authenticate users from your own 3rd party applications.

API Versions

For now we have only one version of API (v1).


The base URL for all API resources is

We present two formats for response: json and xml. By default API use json format.


All error responses can have different responses.

First type with single error:

    "error":"The server encountered an error processing your request."

Second type with multi errors:

            "username":["Username cannot be blank."],
            "password":["Password cannot be blank."],
            "first_name":["First Name cannot be blank."],
            "last_name":["Last Name cannot be blank."]


For auth we use API key, what you can find at your account. And we have two main roles at API: admininistrator and user. Roles based on your key access level. All methods at this moment requires authentication.

Example of request with API key:



Users Management

Endpoint Description
POST /api/v1/user Create user [admin]
PUT /api/v1/user/:user_id Update user
DELETE /api/v1/user/:user_id Delete user [admin]
GET /api/v1/resetUserPassword/:user_id Reset user password
GET /api/v1/users?org_id=:org_id Get users list [admin]
GET /api/v1/user/:user_id Get user info
POST /api/v1/org Create organization [admin]
PUT /api/v1/org/:org_id Update organization [admin]
DELETE /api/v1/org/:org_id Delete organization [admin]
GET /api/v1/orgs Get organizations list [admin]
GET /api/v1/org/:org_id Get organization info [admin]

Packs Management

Endpoint Description
GET /api/v1/packs?user_id=:user_id Get packs list
GET /api/v1/pack/:pack_key Get pack info
POST /api/v1/pack Create pack
PUT /api/v1/pack/:pack_key Update pack
DELETE /api/v1/pack/:pack_key Delete pack
GET /api/v1/tiles?pack_key=:pack_key Get tiles list
POST /api/v1/tile Create tile
PUT /api/v1/tile/:tile_id Update tile
DELETE /api/v1/tile/:tile_id Delete tile
POST /api/v1/attachContentToTile Attach content to tile
PUT /api/v1/content Update content
POST /api/v1/duplicatePack Duplicate pack
GET /api/v1/contents?user_id=:user_id Get content list from library
GET /api/v1/covers?user_id=:user_id Get covers list from library
GET /api/v1/content/:content_id Get content info
PUT /api/v1/assetWeight/:content_id Update asset weight
DELETE /api/v1/content/:content_id Delete content
GET /api/v1/getPackThumbnail/:pack_key Get pack thumbnail
GET /api/v1/getPackLinks/:pack_key Get pack share links
POST /api/v1/sharePackInEmail Share pack via email
POST /api/v1/survey Create/Update survey
DELETE /api/v1/tileSurvey/:tile_id Delete tile survey
DELETE /api/v1/packSurvey/:pack_key Delete pack survey
GET /api/v1/sendAlertEmail/:token?to=:to Send Alert email
GET /api/v1/sendAlertSMS/:token Send Alert SMS

Analytics Management

Endpoint Description
POST /api/v1/approveDashboardReport Approve Dashboard report
POST /api/v1/approveLeaderBoardReport Approve LeaderBoard report
GET /api/v1/contentBoardData/:user_id?range=:range Get ContentBoard data
GET /api/v1/leaderBoardData/:user_id?range=:range&only_unique=:only_unique Get LeaderBoard data
GET /api/v1/getScoreOfTilePerViewer/:tile_id?token=:token Get score of time per lead session
GET /api/v1/getTopXPackViews/:user_id?range=:range&limit=:limit Get Top pack views
GET /api/v1/getTopXPackShared/:user_id?range=:range&limit=:limit Get Top pack shared
GET /api/v1/getTopXLeadAccounts/:user_id?range=:range&limit=:limit Get Top pack leads
GET /api/v1/getTopXExternalLeads/:user_id?range=:range&limit=:limit Get Top external leads
GET /api/v1/getTopXInternalLeads/:user_id?range=:range&limit=:limit Get Top internal leads
GET /api/v1/getPackLeadEngagement/:pack_key?range=:range&only_unique= :only_unique&show_anonymous=:show_anonymous Get pack lead engagement
GET /api/v1/getLeadScoreCard/:lead_token Get Lead score card
GET /api/v1/getPackContentReport/:pack_key Get pack content report data
GET /api/v1/getLeadOverallEngagement/:user_id?email=:email&range=:range Get lead overall engagement
GET /api/v1/getLeadAssetEngagement/:content_id?lead_token=:lead_token Get lead asset engagement
GET /api/v1/getAssetInfo/:content_id?range=:range Get asset info
GET /api/v1/getSurvey/:pack_key?range=:range&only_unique=:only_unique Get survey data