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The Brightbox Puppet Modules

Find enclosed a collection of puppet modules developed by the Brightbox devops team. They're extracted from modules that have been used in production for years to manage large and diverse Ubuntu-based web clusters (first on our ruby platform and then more recently on our cloud platform.


Up until now they've only been used internally at Brightbox, so may lack some documentation but work will be done to improve that.

They're developed mostly against Ubuntu Lucid, but we're adding support for Ubuntu Precise.

Work to extract the modules in a useful is ongoing, so more and more will be appearing.

They're not meant to be totally general purpose feature-complete modules - we use them mostly to manage web clusters for ourselves and for our customers. So they can be quite opinionated - they may not play nicely with modules from 3rd parties and in some cases completely replace distro-supplied config files with our own best practises.


If you need any help getting going with these, feel free to post on our forum at

You can file tickets reporting bugs or feature ideas at the github issue tracker at

If you want professional support from us, drop us a line at


The code is available on Github at and is release under the terms of version 3 of the GNU Public License. See the file LICENSE for the full text of the license.

Puppet forge

We're also making the modules available separately for convenient installation via Puppetlabs Puppet Forge, at