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v0.9.2. Updated to work with bunny 0.6.0
v0.9.1. Instated the dependency upon bunny
v0.9.0. Adding a logger
v0.8.9. Fixing a StackTooDeep bug.
v0.8.8. Bumping for github
v0.8.7. Added a TestAdapter
v0.8.6. Also added dummy adapter to gemspec
v0.8.5. Added dummy adapter for testing purposes
v0.8.4. Fix typo in 0.8.3
v0.8.3. Can now override WARREN_ENV from the command line.
v0.8.2. Added nice error message when no details for current env
v0.8.1. Fixed bug in passing params in
v0.8. Gem works with rails
v0.7. Added adapters
v0.6. Added config file
v0.5. Added filters
v0.3. Initial release