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Application Status: Beta

Beta / Testing

Thank you for your interest in MediaMarkup.

Beta software refers to computer software that is still being test and has not yet been officially released.

This means some aspects of our app is still in progress, has a few bugs and some aspects subject to change or further development.

The primary development focus of our application is:

  • The main Annotation Tool for reviewing and markup of Image, PDF and video content
  • The API

Most testing has been driven via the API with customers integrating their own applications, this aspect of the application is the most mature and is working in production for some Beta clients.

We hope early adopters will help test our application before we launch. All Beta users will have free access until we launch or they feel they can run the application in production. Early adopters that use and provide feedback will benefit from a hugely discounted deal after we officially launch.

Basic RoadMap

We are very busy working on key aspects of the application to ensure we are providing a secure, stable application with features that users need, whilst keeping things simple and straight forward. We are currently working on the following :

  • Updated Security, full re-write of the User management and OAuth integration (in progress)
  • Annotation Tool And API (continual development based on feedback)
  • Front-end usablility for non API Customers (in progress)
  • HTML based Annotations (todo)
  • Removing the custom subdomain to simplify switching accounts (in progress)

We consider all feedback, comments and suggestions and we beleive a company will only succeed having exceptional customer support. Please contact us if you have any questions.

If you would like to receive updates, please join our mailing list****

We are also logging updates, please see the release notes here

Note: ****We will more than likely clear down the database before launch, but will notify users if/when this happens.

If you have not yet signed up to MediaMarkup, please signup here****

Please feel free to contact us any time via or via live chat at