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Latest Application changes, updates, bug fixes and new features.

Release Notes

This is a basic list of of the main updates to keep everyone informed.
We appreciate all feedback, comments and suggestions however small and obvious, just let us know at or via the live chat on

13 Feb 2019

  • API Updates
  • Updated visiblity on group association in viewer (will only show user associated groups)

07 Feb 2019

  • Fixed various UI issues
  • Fixed deletion of approvals

06 Feb 2019

  • Fixed result id when adding approval groups via the API
  • Fixed Dashboard links
  • Updated Approval List filtering
  • Added overall status to list and details page
  • Fixed API issue when creating multiple approval groups wiht no users added

05 Feb 2019

  • Fixed approver names on approvals list
  • Fixed overall Status on approvals list
  • Fixed links on dashboard to approval list (but need to add filtering)
  • Various bug fixes

03 Feb 2019

  • Fixed approval list page not showing all items on certains conditions.
  • Fixed page number and video length display for specific file types on approval list
  • Fixed issues with Annotation Note/Comments filtering
  • Switching pages via Notes selection is michmore stable

31st Jan 2019

  • All notes for all pages wil now show by default, so users can click directly to a noteon any page
  • Note/Comment filtering has been added so search for notes, show notes for all pages or the selected page and to sort the notes by last added (default) or by page