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  • Add details about currently logged in admin user to the logs

  • Inline gem will_paginate-bootstrap to fix deprecation warnings about Fixnum. NB. replace BootstrapPagination::Rails with Brightcontent::PaginationRenderer if your admin views use will_paginate.

  • Update tests and dependencies, test on Rails 4.2 and 5.2


  • Drop dependency on inherited_resource to prepare support for Rails 5

  • Adjustable pagination sizes

  • Use bootstrap-datetimepicker for date & datetime fields

  • Allow locale to be passed in from params

  • Per-user resource tabs

  • Don't call distinct on ransack results


  • Enable CSRF protection for Brightcontent::ApplicationController

  • Simplify AdminUser API to make it easier to replace.


  • Support Rails 4.2

  • Drop support for Rails < 4.2



  • Drop Rails 3 support.

  • Upgrade from bootstrap 2 to 3. Including restyle.

  • I18n support. Local defaults to same language as main app, but can be overwritten by initializer specifically for Brightcontent.

  • Registration of extensions in core. When registered the javascript and css are included from the specific extension. Register extension by calling Brightcontent.register_extension('extension_name').

  • Configurable how many resource items are shown in the main menu. Defaults to 6. The remaining gets aggregated in dropdown menu. Configurable by overwriting config.main_menu_count.

  • Improve partial lookup. First look for specific partial (_list_field_name.html), then search for type partial (_list_field_sting.html) and else fallback to default view.

  • New macros to defining list_fields and form_fields. Old way of overwriting is still supported. Instead of overwriting methods:

      class Brightcontent::PagesController < Brightcontent::BaseController
        def list_fields
          %w{name author created_at}
        def form_fields
          %w{name body author}

    Use macros:

      class Brightcontent::PagesController < Brightcontent::BaseController
        list_fields :name, :author, :created_at
        form_fields :name, :body, :author
  • Use gravatar for current logged in admin.

  • Remove has_scope functionallity. (WIP: Should be replaced by Ransack gem)


  • Remove root_parent_children method which was unused.

  • Use ERB templates for rendering of tree. This is less performant but increases maintainability.

  • Add PathConstraint. Limit the amount of urls the catch-all route responds to by constraining. The PathConstraint class caches all paths in the database. Example:

      get "*path" => "pages#show", constraints:


  • Refactoring: move attachments classes to correct namespace.