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Role to fully manage sudo and sudoers configuration.
This role tries to be easy to configure while also giving all the configuration available with sudo.


Only currently tested for Debian Jessie.
Requires Ansible 2.0+.

Role Variables

Variables to configure the sudo role and sudoers configuration.

Main Role Variables

Variables which are used to manage to role.

  • sudo_state: The action for the role to take.
    • present (default): Install and configure sudo on the client.
    • absent: Uninstall sudo and remove configuration files from the client.

Main Sudoer Configuration

Variables which can be used to configure the main sudoers configuration file. For full information on each sudoers option see sudoers documentation.

Sudoers Generic Defaults

Set the generic sudoers defaults with a key:val dictionary. Where the key is the defaults option you which to set.
The value can be a boolean, int, string or list; consult the sudoers documentation for the correct types for each option. To add to and/or remove from a list option use a dictionary with the keys append and remove.

  • sudo_sudoers_defaults:

    Main Default:

        env_reset: true  
        mail_badpass: true  
        secure_path: ['/usr/local/sbin', '/usr/local/bin', '/usr/sbin', '/usr/bin', '/sbin', '/bin']  

secure_path is a specical option which can be a list, and is joined into a string.

Sudoers User/Host/Runas/Cmnd Specific Defaults

Set specific defaults for users, hosts, runas or commands using A Dictionary of Dictionaries where the outer dictionary is the target and the inner dictionary is the default options; uses the same format as sudo_sudoers_defaults.

  • sudo_sudoers_user_defaults: Default {}.
  • sudo_sudoers_runas_defaults: Default {}.
  • sudo_sudoers_host_defaults: Default {}.
  • sudo_sudoers_cmnd_defaults: Default {}.

Sudoers Aliases

Set sudoers aliases. Aliases are sorted dictionaries where the key is the alias name and the value is a string or list.

  • sudo_sudoers_user_aliases: Default {}, Dictionary to set sudoers user aliases.
  • sudo_sudoers_runas_aliases: Default {}, Dictionary to set sudoers runas aliases.
  • sudo_sudoers_host_aliases: Default {}, Dictionary to set host aliases.
  • sudo_sudoers_cmnd_aliases: Default {}, Dictionary to set cmnd aliases.

Sudoers Specification

Set the sudoers control specification with a list of dictionary options as follows.

  • sudo_sudoers_spec:

    • user: required. The name of the user to apply the specification.
    • hosts: Default ALL. Takes a single string or a list.
    • runas_user: Default null. Takes a single string or a list.
    • runas_group: Default null. Takes a single string or a list.
    • tags: Defaults null. Takes a single string or a list.
    • commands: Default ALL. Takes a single string or a list.

    Main Default:

        - user: root
        - user: %wheel

    Debian Default:

        - user: root
        - user: %sudo

    Ubuntu Natty & Ubuntu Oneiric Default:

        - user: root
        - user: %admin


  • Currently it is only possible to define 1 user, for multiple users use an User Alias.
  • It is only possible to define 1 set of speicifications per config line, use multiple lines for multiple definitions.

Sudoers Configuration Directory

Sudoers can be configured using separate files in a directory, /etc/sudoers.d by default. Configuration is the same as the global sudoers file just without the global default options available.

  • sudoers_configs: Default {}, a Dictionary of Dictionaries. The key is the filename to use. Valid dictionaries:
    • defaults: List of Dictionaries. see sudoers_defaults.
    • user_aliases: Dictionary, see sudoers_user_aliases.
    • runas_aliases: Dictionary, see sudoers_runas_aliases.
    • host_aliases: Dictionary, see sudoers_host_aliases.
    • cmnd_aliases: Dictionary, see sudoers_cmnd_aliases.
    • users: List of Dictionaries, see sudoers_users.

Additional Variables

Less commonly used variables which are available.

  • sudo_packages: Default [sudo], List of packages to install.
  • sudo_sudoers_directory: Default /etc/sudoers.d.



Example Playbook

Install and configure with the default Debian configuration. Allows root and group default sudo to run all commands as all users.

- hosts: all
     - brightling.sudo

Install sudo and replicate configuration as defined in the sudoers documentation.

- hosts: all
    - { role: brightling.sudo,
        sudo_sudoers_defaults: {
          syslog: 'auth',
          env_keep: {'append': ['DISPLAY', 'HOME']},
        sudo_sudoers_user_defaults: {
          millert: {
            authenticate: false
          FULLTIMERS: {
            lecture: false
        sudo_sudoers_host_defaults: {
          SERVERS: {
            log_year: true,
            logfile: '/var/log/sudo.log'
        sudo_sudoers_runas_defaults: {
          root: {
            set_logname: false
        sudo_sudoers_cmnd_defaults: {
          PAGERS: {
            noexec: true
        sudo_sudoers_user_aliases: {
          fulltimers: ['millert', 'mikef', 'dowdy'],
          parttimers: ['bostley', 'jwfox', 'crawl'],
          webmasters: ['will', 'wendy', 'wim'],
        sudo_sudoers_runas_aliases: {
          op: ['root', 'operator'],
          db: ['orcale', 'sybase'],
          admingrp: ['adm', 'oper'],
        sudo_sudoers_host_aliases: {
          sparc: ['bigtime', 'eclipse', 'moet', 'archor'],
          sgi: ['grolsch', 'dandelion', 'black'],
          alpha: ['widget', 'thalamus', 'foobar'],
          hppa: ['boa', 'nag', 'python'],
          cunets: '',
          csnets: ['', '', ''],
          servers: ['master', 'mail', 'www', 'ns'],
          cdrom: ['orion', 'perseus', 'hercules']
        sudo_sudoers_cmnd_aliases: {
          dumps: ['/usr/bin/mt', '/usr/sbin/dump', '/usr/sbin/rdump', 
            '/usr/sbin/restore', '/usr/sbin/rrestore',
            'sha224:0GomF8mNN3wlDt1HD9XldjJ3SNgpFdbjO1+NsQ== /home.operator/bin/start_backups'],
          kill: '/usr/bin/kill',
          printing: ['/usr/sbin/lpc', '/usr/bin/lprm'],
          shutdown: '/usr/sbin/shutdown',
          halt: '/usr/sbin/halt',
          reboot: '/usr/sbin/reboot',
          shells: ['/usr/bin/sh', '/usr/bin/csh', '/usr/bin/ksh', '/usr/local/bin/tcsh',
            '/usr/bin/rsh', '/usr/local/bin/zsh'],
          su: '/usr/bin/su',
          pagers: ['/usr/bin/more', '/usr/bin/pg', '/usr/bin/less']
        sudo_sudoers_spec: [
          {user: 'root'},
          {user: '%wheel'},
          {user: 'FULLTIMERS', tags: 'NOPASSWD'},
          {user: 'PARTTIMERS', },
          {user: 'jack', hosts: 'CSNETS'},
          {user: 'lisa', hosts: 'CUNETS'},
          {user: 'operator', commands: ['DUMPS', 'KILL', 'SHUTDOWN', 'HALT', 'REBOOT', 
            'PRINTING', 'sudoedit /etc/printcap', '/usr/oper/bin/']},
          {user: 'joe', commands: '/usr/bin/su operator'},
          {user: 'pete', hosts: 'HPPA', commands: ['/usr/bin/passwd [A-Za-z]*', '!/usr/bin/passwd root']},
          {user: '%opers', runas_groups: 'ADMINGRP', commands: '/usr/sbin/'},
          {user: 'bob', hosts: 'SPARC', runas_users: 'OP'},
          {user: 'bob', hosts: 'SGI', runas_users: 'OP'},
          {user: 'jim', hosts: '+biglab'},
          {user: '+secretaries', commands: ['PRINTING', '/usr/bin/adduser', '/usr/bin/rmuser']}
          {user: 'fred', runas_users: 'DB', tags: 'NOPASSWD'},
          {user: 'john', hosts: 'ALPHA', commands: ['/usr/bin/su [!-]*', '!/usr/bin/su *root*']},
          {user: 'jen', hosts: ['ALL', '!SERVERS']},
          {user: 'jill', hosts: 'SERVERS', commands: ['/usr/bin/', '!SU', '!SHELLS']},
          {user: 'steve', hosts: 'CSNETS', runas_users: 'operator', commands: '/usr/local/op_commands/'},
          {user: 'matt', hosts: 'valkyrie', commands: 'KILL'},
          {user: 'WEBMASTERS', hosts: 'www', runas_users: 'www'},
          {user: 'WEBMASTERS', hosts: 'www', runas_users: 'root', commands: '/usr/bin/su www'},
          {user: 'ALL', hosts: 'CDROM', tags: 'NOPASSWD', commands: ['/sbin/umount /CDROM', '/sbin/mount -o nosuid\,nodev /dev/cd0a /CDROM']},

Example which configures sudoers using the sudoers.d directory.

- hosts: all
    - { role: brightling.sudo,
        sudo_sudoersd_configs: {
          networks: {
            user_aliases: {
              network_admins: ['phill', 'sophie', 'paul'],
              network_ops: 'sam'
            command_aliases: {
              network_admin: 'sudoedit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/*',
              network_ops: ['/sbin/ifup', '/sbin/ifdown']
            spec: [
              {user: 'NETWORK_ADMINS', commands: ['NETWORK_ADMIN', 'NETWORK_OPS'] },
              {user: 'NETWORK_OPS', commands: ['NETWORK_OPS'] }
          admins: {
            user_aliases: {
              admins: ['jack', 'phill', 'jenny']
            user_defaults: {
              ADMINS: {
                lecture: false,
                passwd_tries: 2
            spec: [
              {user: 'ADMINS'}

Remove sudo from a machine and its configuration.

- hosts: all
    - { role: brightling.sudo,
        sudo_state: absent }



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