Config-driven Service Locator, based on Pimple.
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Bright Nucleus Service Locator Component

Config-driven Service Locator, based on Pimple.

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This is a config-driven service locator, to allow easy registration and retrieval of services through the brightnucleus/config component.

It extends the pimple/pimple package.

Table Of Contents

About The Bright Nucleus Services Architecture

This package is part of the Bright Nucleus Services Architecture, which combines a Config management system (brightnucleus/config), a Dependency Injector (brightnucleus/injector), a Service Locator (brightnucleus/service-locator), a logging subsystem (brightnucleus/log), a virtual service provider (brightnucleus/virtual-services) and corresponding WordPress plugins (brightnucleus/wp-services & brightnucleus/wp-log) to form the basis of an architecture that provides the following benefits:

  • Configuration of all involved components through Config files that have defaults overrideable through site-specific, environment-specific or custom-injected settings. Write code once, reuse on all sites, in all environments.
  • Proper injector that lets you couple your codebase to interfaces only, deciding at runtime which concrete implementations to inject.
  • Service locator that manages loading order and dependencies. Only load and instantiate code that is effectively needed within the current context, defined through other running real and virtual services.
  • Logging subsystem that provides general logging and error handling, while providing the means to override logging settings at any granularity level.
  • Virtual services that let you incorporate third-party and legacy code into the loading order and dependency management flow of the Service Locator.
  • An architecture that runs just as well within the WordPress page request cycle as through a CLI or REST API request.
  • WordPress-specific helpers that let you monitor the state of your system within the WordPress backend.


The best way to use this component is through Composer:

composer require brightnucleus/service-locator

Basic Usage



All feedback / bug reports / pull requests are welcome.

This package uses the PHP Composter PHPCS PSR-2 package to check committed files for compliance with the PSR-2 Coding Style Guide. If you have valid reasons to skip this check, add the --no-verify option to your commit command:

git commit --no-verify


This code is released under the MIT license.

For the full copyright and license information, please view the LICENSE file distributed with this source code.