Bullets is a simple WordPress skeleton frame work. Cruft not included. Arsenal jokes forbidden.
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Bullets is a free WordPress skeleton theme. It contains just about enough Sass to get you started on your next project - but without being a highly comprehensive frame work such as Foundation or Bootstrap.

If you need a frame work with all the bells and whistles - Bullets is not the tool for you. There are no carousels, no complex variations to serve every possible need. Bullets does not come with much in the way of styling.

If you find yourself removing 80% of what comes with a frame work - give Bullets a try.

Basic Docs

  • Get started by tweaking the settings in settings.scss
  • You can remove or add the mixins in the style.scss file to only include what you need.
  • Bullets has a 12 column grid with column classes for mobile, tablet and desktop, with the breakpoints of these controllable seperate to your media queries (though using the mqs by default).

Getting Started With Gulp

  • Run npm install to install the dependancies
  • Run gulp to confirm everything is working
  • Run gulp browsersync to watch and compile, make sure you edit the browsersync proxy in gulpfile.js to match your sites local URL


If you want to contribute - feel free. All pull requests considered. However, the aim of Bullets is to be light weight and skinny, so feature requests will always bare this in mind.

Sites built with Bullets


The Bullets grid is flexbox based, with browser support extended through Gulp. The grid is a tool and is as lightweight as possible. You should strongly consider when/how you are using it.


<div class="row">
  <div class="column column-m-12 column-t-6 column-d-4">
  <div class="column column-m-12 column-t-6 column-d-4">
  <div class="column column-m-12 column-t-6 column-d-4">

Although the class names suggest "m" mobile, "t" tablet and "d" desktop, you should approach the use of the grid in a device agnostic manner.

Constrain width

By default, Bullets is full width. Use the container class to constrain width.

<div class="container">
  <!-- grid -->

If you want to save mark-up, you can add it to the row element.


Use the row modifier classes to change alignment.





CSS Grid

Bullets comes with a helper for creating CSS Grids. You should include the mixin within a container class, for example:

.page {
    @include bullets-css-grid($column-min, $column-max, $row-min, $row-max, $grid-gap);

You shouldn't try to use one container to handle all your grids, or try to recreate a 12 column grid using CSS grid. Instead, use the mixin to help you create containers on parent elements such as whole pages. The Bullets CSS Grid auto-fills.

Variables The mixin affects the following variables so you can define grid containers on the fly.

$column-min: 200px;
$column-max: 12fr;
$row-min: 150px;
$row-max: auto;
$grid-gap: 1rem;

To control the placement of elements within the grid, use the grid-column and grid-row properties. For example:

.header {
  grid-column: span 3;

This declaration tells the header to span three columns. Equally:

.article {
  grid-row: span 4;

..Tells the article to span four rows.

There are no pre-defined columns with CSS Grid as instead the layout of the columns is primarily defined by the parent.


Bullets comes with a basic button component. You can adjust settings, including whether or not the button has a radius, in settings.scss.


<button class="button">
  Button text

Strictly speaking, buttons should be buttons and links should be links. However, you can add the .button class to a link too.


Make a button hollow by adding the .button--hollow class.

Flexible Embeds

Bullets comes with an .embed class. Add this to a <div> containing a video iframe or other object, and it will behave responsively. You may need to tweak to padding of .embed depending on aspect ratio.


Bullets comes with some basic input styling.