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This plugin allows you to display 4K images using a 4K242, 4K1042, or 4K1142 player. The images are played alphabetically from a folder manually placed on the SD--as a result, this plugin can currently only be used with the Standalone publishing method.

Download this presentation to see an example of how the plugin works.

Note:This plugin uses the 4K video decoder to display 4K images; this means that you cannot display a 4K image and a 4K video at the same time. You can, however, display a 4K image and an HD video simultaneously if desired.

Adding the Plugin to your Presentation

To add this plugin to your BrightAuthor presentation, navigate to File > Presentation Properties > Autorun and click Add Script Plugin. Locate and select the 4K Image Playback plugin. Specify the plugin Name as "PlayImagesFromFolder".

Creating a 4K Image Playlist

To utilize this plugin, your presentation must have a Video Only zone or Video or Images zone that occupies the entire screen--this zone will still display 1920x1080 as its width and height dimensions in the Edit > Layout tab. You will also need to use an interactive playlist with this zone.

  1. Create an Event Handler state for the 4K images you wish to display. This Event Handler state can be positioned anywhere in the playlist, but it cannot be the Home State of the playlist. If you want to play 4K images as an initial step, you can add a very short Timeout event (.1 seconds) between the Home State and the Event Handler state.
  2. Add an event of any type (Timeout, Media End, UDP, etc.) that will transition to the Event Handler state.
  3. Open the event and click the Advanced tab.
  4. Click Add Command and select the Send - Send Plugin Message command.
  5. Select the "PlayImagesFromFolder" plugin and enter the message text as "FolderPlay". This message will trigger your playlist of 4K images to begin playing while the Event Handler state is running.
  6. Add a Plugin Message event to transition away from the Event Handler state.
  7. In the Plugin message field, enter "BAPlay". Once your playlist of 4K images finishes playing, the presentation will receive the "BAPlay" message from the playlist and transition away from the event handler state.

If you want the 4K image playlist to play in a continuous loop, add the Send - Send Plugin Message command from Steps 4-5 to the Plugin Message event attached to the Event Handler state and set the Plugin Message event to Remain on current state.

Configuring 4K Image Timeout

You will need to create a User Variable to specify the timeout interval for the 4K images.

  1. Navigate to File > Presentation Properties > Variables.
  2. Click Add Variable and specify the variable Name as "ImageTimeOUTinSeconds".
  3. Enter a Default Value: This value corresponds to how many seconds each 4K image will be displayed on screen.

Adding the 4K Images to the Presentation

You will add your 4K images after creating and publishing the presentation.

  1. Once you've finished editing the presentation, publish it to an SD card using the Standalone publishing method.
  2. Use your operating system to navigate to the root directory of the SD card ("SD:/").
  3. Add a new folder to the root directory and name it "4KImages".
  4. Add your 4K images to the "4KImages" folder. These images will be displayed alphabetically whenever the presentation transitions to the Event Handler state and sends the "FolderPlay" command.
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