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Simple web tool to help convert SM64 single star times from IGT to real time
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SM64 IGT to Real Time Converter

This web tool helps SM64 individuals easily convert their single star times from in-game time (IGT) to real time. You can view a live version here.

Real time is calculated using the following formula:

real_time = (in_game_time * 60 + buf_at_end - buf_at_start + num_fadeouts * 4 + num_ttm_slide_entries * 148) / (60000 / 1001)

Why is real-time is greater even without any lag?

SM64 in-game time is tracked at 60 frames per second, while the actual output is at 59.94 seconds. This means even without lag, the in-game timer is still slightly different than real time.

For more information on SM64 speedruns and links to the community Discord server, etc., check out the Useful Resources document.


You can serve the project locally via Angular CLI:

ng serve

You can also deploy to your favorite Google Cloud project with the Google Cloud SDK:

ng build
gcloud app deploy
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