a crazy little fellow that watches for changes on an input component and graciously offers to save them
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Dave is a nice little fellow that attaches himself to your form input components and pops up when the user makes a change, allowing the user to save their valuable changes!


It's recommended that you use this module with browserify, as it follows node's module pattern. It is assumed that jQuery and underscore are defined in the global scope at the time of use, and that font-awesome is included.

Given these things, you can just npm install save-slave-dave, then require('save-slave-dave').

when does dave show up, and what does he do?

Dave is a quiet fellow and will not disturb you right away. However, as soon as you make a change to the targeted input control, he will shimmy on over and serve up a way to save the changes you've made. As soon as you've saved, he's gone again! But if you make more changes, he'll be back.

Dave will also assume you don't want to discard your changes when you stop focusing on an input control, and will save for you before he leaves. Dave won't stick around on an input control that you're not interested in.


dave(element, save, [opts])

The module exports a single function. The easiest way to use save-slave-dave is with an <input> or <textarea>. You can do that by attaching it like so:

var dave = require('save-slave-dave');

// Dave needs a function do call when it's time to save. Dave will also passed
// that function a callback, which you should call when the saving is done. If
// you couldn't save, you should pass a truthy value as the first argument of
// the callback
var saveToDatabase = function(callback) {
  database.save($("input#amazing-text").val(), callback);

dave("input#amazing-text", saveToDatabase);

But it doesn't stop there! Sometimes you have more complicated input components, like a tags input! That's no problem. You can also pass an options object specifying the following things:

  • targetElement (defaults to element) Dave will listen to focus and blur events on this element, and use its value to check for changes if no getValue function was given. Dave will also listen to the keyup event on this element to check for changes if no listen function was given`
  • getValue a function that returns the current value of the input component. Defaults to function() { return opts.targetElement.val() }
  • listen a function that attaches a change event listener to the input component. The listener should be fired when changes are made to the control's value. Defaults to function (l) { opts.targetElement.on('keyup', l); }
  • saveOnEnter if true, dave will save the content when the enter key is pressed. Not a good idea to set this to true for a textarea. Defaults to true if the input is not a textarea.


Dave should be unique. You should style him to suit your website. But we've supplied an example stylus style to get you started, and to show you what to style. You can see it by looking at the example.style.styl file in the root of the repo. That style will result in a Dave that looks somewhat like this:


MIT. See the LICENSE file.