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Code to extract a series of positions + their next moves from an SGF.
Most of the complexity here is dealing with two features of SGF:
- Stones can be added via "play move" or "add move", the latter being used
to configure L+D puzzles, but also for initial handicap placement.
- Plays don't necessarily alternate colors; they can be repeated B or W moves
This feature is used to handle free handicap placement.
from collections import namedtuple
import numpy as np
import go
from go import Position
from utils import parse_sgf_coords as pc
import sgf
class GameMetadata(namedtuple("GameMetadata", "result handicap board_size")):
class PositionWithContext(namedtuple("SgfPosition", "position next_move metadata")):
Wrapper around go.Position.
Stores a position, the move that came next, and the eventual result.
def is_usable(self):
return all([
self.position is not None,
self.next_move is not None,
self.metadata.result != "Void",
self.metadata.handicap <= 4,
def __str__(self):
return str(self.position) + '\nNext move: {} Result: {}'.format(self.next_move, self.result)
def sgf_prop(value_list):
'Converts raw sgf library output to sensible value'
if value_list is None:
return None
if len(value_list) == 1:
return value_list[0]
return value_list
def sgf_prop_get(props, key, default):
return sgf_prop(props.get(key, default))
def handle_node(pos, node):
'A node can either add B+W stones, play as B, or play as W.'
props =
black_stones_added = [pc(coords) for coords in props.get('AB', [])]
white_stones_added = [pc(coords) for coords in props.get('AW', [])]
if black_stones_added or white_stones_added:
return add_stones(pos, black_stones_added, white_stones_added)
# If B/W props are not present, then there is no move. But if it is present and equal to the empty string, then the move was a pass.
elif 'B' in props:
black_move = pc(props.get('B', [''])[0])
return pos.play_move(go.BLACK, black_move)
elif 'W' in props:
white_move = pc(props.get('W', [''])[0])
return pos.play_move(go.WHITE, white_move)
return pos
def add_stones(pos, black_stones_added, white_stones_added):
working_board = np.copy(pos.board)
go.place_stones(working_board, go.BLACK, black_stones_added)
go.place_stones(working_board, go.WHITE, white_stones_added)
new_position = Position(board=working_board, n=pos.n, komi=pos.komi, caps=pos.caps, ko=pos.ko, recent=pos.recent, to_play=pos.to_play)
return new_position
def get_next_move(node):
if not
return None
props =
if 'W' in props:
return pc(props['W'][0])
return pc(props['B'][0])
def maybe_correct_next(pos, next_node):
if next_node is None:
if (('B' in and not pos.to_play == go.BLACK) or
('W' in and not pos.to_play == go.WHITE)):
def replay_sgf(sgf_contents):
Wrapper for sgf files, exposing contents as position_w_context instances
with open(filename) as f:
for position_w_context in replay_sgf(
collection = sgf.parse(sgf_contents)
game = collection.children[0]
props =
assert int(sgf_prop(props.get('GM', ['1']))) == 1, "Not a Go SGF!"
komi = float(sgf_prop(props.get('KM')))
metadata = GameMetadata(
handicap=int(sgf_prop(props.get('HA', [0]))),
pos = Position(komi=komi)
current_node = game.root
while pos is not None and current_node is not None:
pos = handle_node(pos, current_node)
next_move = get_next_move(current_node)
yield PositionWithContext(pos, next_move, metadata)
current_node =