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Awesome Web Apps

List of Web Applications.


To add a Web App:

  • Add a line to this list by creating a new pull request
  • Line format: - [Web App Name]( - Description. Pro: Short description: Explanation. Con: Short description: Explanation.
  • Add the line at the end of a section
  • If it doesn't fit any section then open a new issue so we can discuss creating a new section


Document Editing


  • YouTube Editor - Clip and merge videos. Con: Few features. Pro: Reliable: Isn't buggy and doesn't crash.
  • Clichamp - Convert and compress videos.


Image Editing
  • Pixlr - Pro: Many features.
  • Fotor - Pro: Color manipulation.
  • Aviary - Con: Few features. Pro: Reliable: Isn't buggy and doesn't crash.
Photo Filters
  • Fotor - Pro: Many filters. Pro: Has natural looking filters. Pro: Intensity adjustements: It can be set how strong a filter should be applied.
  • Photomania - Pro: Intensity is adjustable: It can be set how strong a filter should be applied.
  • Pixlr-o-matic - Pro: Has good filters. Con: No intensity adjustments: A filter is either fully applied or not at all.
  • Method Draw - SVG editing. Pro: Free. Pro: Many features. Pro: Reliable: Isn't buggy and doesn't crash.
  • SVG-edit - SVG editing. Pro: Free. Pro: Reliable. Pro: many features.
  • Vector Magic - Convert bitmap image (.jpg, .png, etc.) to vector graphic (e.g. .svg). Con: Not entirely free: Only three free conversions per account. Pro: works surprisingly very well.



Merge documents into a single PDF

  • online2pdf - Pro: Free. Pro: Supports many document types: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, OpenOffice, Images, XPS, PDF, etc. Pro: Resizes documents to cover whole PDF page. Pro: Extensive layout options: outer margin, number of documents in a single PDF page, etc. Pro: Supports common page formats: Like A4, letter etc. Pro: Secure: Encrypted and secure https connection to online2pdf servers which means that only online2pdf and the user know the content of the files. Pro: compresses documents.
  • Smallpdf - Con: Not entirely free. Pro: Good user interface. Pro: Can merge and split PDFs. Con: No easy mix of different document types: Cannot easily convert documents of different types (e.g. an excel document and an image) into a single PDF.
  • jpg2pdf - Pro: Free. Con: Keeps image layout: PDF page format can vary. Con: no options at all. Pro: compresses documents.
  • convert-jpg-to-pdf - Pro: Free. Con: No automatic image rotation. Con: No compression: images don't get compressed leading to heavy pdf files. Pro: Supports common page formats: Like A4, letter etc.
Edit PDF content
  • PDFescape - Pro: Basic edition: erase content + add text/images/shapes. Con: Can't alter nor add text.
  • PDF Buddy - Pro: Basic edition: erase content + add text/images/shapes. Con: Can't alter nor add text.
  • Sandwichpdf - Makes a non searchable PDF searchable using OCR.


  • Writebox - Pro: Line/word/chars count. Pro: text saved while typing. Pro: open and edit several texts.
  • WriterDuert - Collaborative Text Editor.


  • ShareLaTeX - Collaborative editing.
  • Overleaf - Pro: Feature Rich.
  • CodeCogs - Forumla elements picker. Pro: Only formulas: Only good for forumlas, not for entire documents.

RSS Reader

  • Feedly - Pro: Many Features.
  • The Old Reader - Pro: Simple.
  • NewsBlur - Pro: Feature rich for a premium account. Con: useless with a free account.


Chat / Video Calls

  • Telegram Web - Pro: End to End encrypted chat. Pro: By a Non Profit Organization.
  • WhatsApp Web - Pro: End To End encrypted chat. Con: Owned by Facebook. Con: Requires signup with smartphone.
  • Google Hangout - Web VoIP.
  • Skype Online - Con: Only chat and audio for now: But video should be coming.
  • Circ - IRC client. Con: Only for Chrome.
  • UberConference - Conference Calls. Pro: Reliable. Con: No video.
  • Web WeChat - Web based WeChat by Tencent. Con: Requires logging into WeChat on phone and scanning QR code.


  • Dark Sky - Pro: Very good predictions: Does better predictions in Berlin than any other weather forceast I know. (Better than which is used by Google Search and iPhones). Pro: Precipitation map over several days in the past and future. Pro: Good user interface.
  • Intellicast - Pro: Lot's of information. Pro: Precipitation/cloud map.
  • - Pro: Hourly and 10 days forecast. Pro: Precipitation & cloud map. Con: Poor user interface.
  • Yahoo Weather - Con: Poor prediction: In Berlin, predictions are more often wrong than other forecasts. Pro: current cloud map. Pro: past precipitation map. Pro: sunset/sunrise time. Pro: wind.


  • Google Maps - Pro: Lot's of features: Public transportation, traffic, satellite images, etc. Con: Slow user interface.
  • Here Maps - Pro: Lot's of features.
  • Bing Maps - Pro: Lot's of features. Con: user interface is often annoying.
  • Waze - Pro: Traffic information provided by peer users. Con: No public transportation. Pro: Fast user interface.


Curated List of Web Apps



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