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A laser-cut solution to protect the tubes of your LittleDot mk2 amp
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A laser-cut solution to protect the tubes of your Little Dot mk2 amp.


These files are distributed AS IS, with no warranty expressed or implied.


Use your favorite laser-cutting service available in your area to cut and engrave the LittleDot tube protector.

Black lines are for cutting, blue objects are engraving.

3 mm poplar plywood has been tested successfully. Let me know if you tried something else that worked too!

You also need to get 2 mm wood sticks (6 per tube), matching the height of your tube. 65 mm and 40 mm works great with the stock tubes the Little Dot is shipped with! You can use simple food picks for the preamp tubes, and longer ones for the drive tubes.

Once you received your cut parts, start by cutting the wood sticks to the correct size. If using food picks, cut the tip so that the wood has a constant 2 mm diameter. Make sure that the nice, smooth side of the laser-cut rings is facing up for best results. I recommend starting by the center ring, filling all 6 holes with the centered-sticks, followed by the top ring. Finally, place the assembled part into the main board. When pushing the pins inside the laser-cut parts, be sure to use a flat tool, not your finger nails, to avoid denting the wood.


This project is OSHW (Open Source Hardware), under GNU GPL v3.0! Enjoy!


Landry COLLET Offer me a beer here!

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