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* This is a private header file. If you use it outside of this
* package, then you will be surprised by any changes made.
* Documentation for functions declared here is with the function
* implementation.
* Compatibility defines
* Define the names used for the metatables.
#define LOOP_MT "ev{loop}"
#define IO_MT "ev{io}"
#define TIMER_MT "ev{timer}"
#define SIGNAL_MT "ev{signal}"
* Special token to represent the uninitialized default loop. This is
* so we can defer initializing the default loop for as long as
* possible.
#define UNINITIALIZED_DEFAULT_LOOP (struct ev_loop*)1
* The location in the fenv of the watcher that contains the callback
* function.
#define WATCHER_FN 1
* Various "check" functions simply call luaL_checkudata() and do the
* appropriate casting.
* If there is any chance that the loop is not initialized yet, then
* please use check_loop_and_init() instead! Also note that the
* loop userdata is a pointer, so don't forget to de-reference the
* result.
#define check_loop(L, narg) \
((struct ev_loop**) luaL_checkudata((L), (narg), LOOP_MT))
#define check_timer(L, narg) \
((struct ev_timer*) luaL_checkudata((L), (narg), TIMER_MT))
#define check_io(L, narg) \
((struct ev_io*) luaL_checkudata((L), (narg), IO_MT))
#define check_signal(L, narg) \
((struct ev_signal*) luaL_checkudata((L), (narg), SIGNAL_MT))
* Copied from the lua source code lauxlib.c. It simply converts a
* negative stack index into a positive one so that if the stack later
* grows or shrinks, the index will not be effected.
#define abs_index(L, i) \
((i) > 0 || (i) <= LUA_REGISTRYINDEX ? \
(i) : lua_gettop(L) + (i) + 1)
* Generic functions:
static int version(lua_State *L);
static int traceback(lua_State *L);
* Loop functions:
static int luaopen_ev_loop(lua_State *L);
static int create_loop_mt(lua_State *L);
static struct ev_loop** loop_alloc(lua_State *L);
static struct ev_loop** check_loop_and_init(lua_State *L, int loop_i);
static int loop_new(lua_State *L);
static int loop_delete(lua_State *L);
static void loop_start_watcher(lua_State* L, int loop_i, int watcher_i, int is_daemon);
static void loop_stop_watcher(lua_State* L, int loop_i, int watcher_i);
static int loop_is_default(lua_State *L);
static int loop_iteration(lua_State *L);
static int loop_depth(lua_State *L);
static int loop_now(lua_State *L);
static int loop_update_now(lua_State *L);
static int loop_loop(lua_State *L);
static int loop_unloop(lua_State *L);
static int loop_backend(lua_State *L);
static int loop_fork(lua_State *L);
* Object functions:
static void create_obj_registry(lua_State *L);
static int obj_count(lua_State *L);
static void* obj_new(lua_State* L, size_t size, const char* tname);
static int push_obj(lua_State* L, void* obj);
static int push_objs(lua_State* L, void** objs);
* Watcher functions:
static void* watcher_new(lua_State* L, size_t size, const char* lua_type, int data_offset);
static int watcher_callback(lua_State *L, const char* tname);
static void watcher_cb(void* lua_State_L, struct ev_loop *loop, void *watcher, int revents);
* Timer functions:
static int luaopen_ev_timer(lua_State *L);
static int create_timer_mt(lua_State *L);
static int timer_new(lua_State* L);
static void timer_cb(struct ev_loop* loop, ev_timer* timer, int revents);
static int timer_again(lua_State *L);
static int timer_stop(lua_State *L);
static int timer_start(lua_State *L);
static int timer_is_active(lua_State *L);
static int timer_is_pending(lua_State *L);
static int timer_clear_pending(lua_State *L);
static int timer_callback(lua_State *L);
* IO functions:
static int luaopen_ev_io(lua_State *L);
static int create_io_mt(lua_State *L);
static int io_new(lua_State* L);
static void io_cb(struct ev_loop* loop, ev_io* io, int revents);
static int io_again(lua_State *L);
static int io_stop(lua_State *L);
static int io_start(lua_State *L);
static int io_is_active(lua_State *L);
static int io_is_pending(lua_State *L);
static int io_clear_pending(lua_State *L);
static int io_callback(lua_State *L);
* Signal functions:
static int luaopen_ev_signal(lua_State *L);
static int create_signal_mt(lua_State *L);
static int signal_new(lua_State* L);
static void signal_cb(struct ev_loop* loop, ev_signal* sig, int revents);
static int signal_again(lua_State *L);
static int signal_stop(lua_State *L);
static int signal_start(lua_State *L);
static int signal_is_active(lua_State *L);
static int signal_is_pending(lua_State *L);
static int signal_clear_pending(lua_State *L);
static int signal_callback(lua_State *L);
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