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Bring Developer

This repository contains the code behind

Our developer site is based on Jekyll and RAML. Jekyll is a static site generator, and RAML is a a YAML-based modeling language for APIs. We also use the lovely inuitcss CSS framework.

We currently use RAML 0.8 and ePages' RAML parser gem to parse the RAML files, and have a custom Jekyll plugin for converting the RAML files to HTML files.

The plugin reads a RAML->HTML map from config and outputs HTML files accordingly. RAML 0.8 has a couple of quirks, for example it doesn't have support for multiple examples, resulting in neat hacks here and there to string the page together. We're hoping to migrate to the newly launched RAML 1.0 spec soon.

Run locally

Jekyll can serve the site locally and auto-watch for changes:

brew install node
bundle install
bundle exec rake serve

This will clean the build, install necessary SASS dependencies and launch the site at

Build release

Build a release (populate the _site dir) by running

bundle exec rake build