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The tool was developed to process SQLite databases in respect of deleted records. Therefore, bring2lite is able to analyse the structures within the main database, WAL and journal files.


  • Python3


  • CC-BY-NC


  1. Clone the repository
  2. cd into the repository
  3. python3 install
  4. pip3 install pyqt5


  • Process a single database main file: --filename /path/to/file --out /path/to/output/folder
  • Process a single journal file: --journal /path/to/journal/file --out /path/to/output/folder
  • Process a single WAL file: --wal /path/to/wal/file --out /path/to/output/folder
  • Process a single database main file: --filename /path/to/database/file --out /path/to/output/folder
  • Process all files within a single folder and all sub-folders: --folder /path/to/folder --out /path/to/output/folder
  • Process a single database main file with GUI (EXPERIMENTAL): --filename /path/to/database/file --out /path/to/output/folder --gui 1

Used libraries

  • tqdm - a library which can be used to created progress bars
  • sqlparse - this library allows to easily process SQLite statements
  • pyqt5 and tkinter - libraries which allow to display the processed results within a GUI


  • 14-03-2019 - publication of version 0.1


  • Better error handling
  • Display all processed informations in a interactive GUI
  • Fix a bug that sometimes do not add the SQLite schema to the top of a outputfile
  • Fix a bug which adds a line of # after each outputline
  • Optimize parsing algorithm to process multiple freeblocks in a row
  • The name of a created file is off by one
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